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Here is a pic of the last win for Chicago at Soldier Field. MIND BLOWN
We're recapping this football weekend. Also..Kobe got crossed. Our show is on now. ESPN2.
Welp..."Payton" did break the TD record šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
This QB got credited for a passing TD AND a receiving TD on the same play.
Peyton Manning is the all-time TD king. @wingoz lists every player who has caught a TD pass from The Sheriff.
Raider fans probably don't like Darnell Dockett's white board (via @ShaneNFL)
Peyton & the Broncos played the 49ers last night?! That blowout felt a lot like this:
NFL record holder for most TD passes.
Rookie Peyton Manning is all business.
Peyton Manning. Can't Stop. Won't Stop.
Peyton Manning is the all-time TOUCHDOWN KING! @wingoz lists every player who has caught a TD pass from The Sheriffā€¦
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What Brett Favre was doing while Peyton broke the record ...
Congrats Peyton! The TD record is awesome, but let's celebrate all those "Manning Faces."
Pic of the day! RT @Broncos That moment when you nab your first TD of the year. #SFvsDEN #Broncos
By the end of the night, this guy could be the all-time league leader in TD passes.
2014 Cowboys think they're pretty good...
Giants reaction after that field goal... (via @nick_pants)
Chiefs borrowing some magic from the Royals!!!
DeMarco Murray owes his offensive linemen a few steak dinners!
There's been a Manning face sighting!!!
ANOTHER TD to Escobar?! Looks like Tony Romo has a new favorite tight end...
Eli Manning just ran for a first down AND slid successfully. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!
Tony Romo on that TD... - Balance checkbook - Call mom - Grab a snack... ...Pass to WIDE OPEN reciever
Easiest. Interception. EVER.
Giants scored...IT'S A MIRACLE!!
Tom Coughlin after that false start...
Jaguars have WON a game! REPEAT... JAGUARS WON A GAME
If Kyle Orton throws a game winning TD WITHOUT a moustache, did it ACTUALLY happen?
Colt McCoy will lead the Redskins to victory #AbsurdNFLPredictions Oh wait...
Everyone that just watched the end of the Seahawks game...
FAKE PUNT FTW!!! Rams special teams = MVP
Cooper Helfet > Percy Harvin
Jay Gruden master gameplan: - Bench Kirk Cousins - Put in Colt McCoy - Watch McCoy throw first pass for 70 yard TD GENIUS!
Dolphins fans watching Ryan Tannehill today...
Packers on pace to win 56-6. read that right.
Aaron Rodgers' personal trainers DEFINITELY earning their money today
Rams special teams just won 2014 NFL MVP!!!
"Jeez...we could really use a versatile offensive weapon right now..." - every Seahawks fan
Aaron Rodgers 2nd half to do list: - Take a nap - Send some tweets - Probably get a hot dog
Rams are winning. REPEAT... THE RAMS ARE WINNING!!
THIS JUST IN: Jets already losing in Week 8
Early candidate for craziest hair of the day: (via @Saints)
That time the Seahawks offered Percy Harvin to the Browns for Jordan Cameron...
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! RT @buffalobills BREAKING: Kyle Orton shaved off his incredible mustache. #SoLongUncleRico