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Recovery from endurance exercise requires replacing fluids 1L for every kg lost, and consuming around 1.5g of carbs per kg bodyweight. for a 50% discount on personalised meal plans for your clients we can provide you with a 35% wholesale discount for UK supplements
Getting enough calcium when lactose intolerant is hard, some can tolerate yogurt otherwise eat dark green leafy veg & take a supplement
Athletes need to recover from intense workouts glucosomine can help with this check out our sports supplements at
#retweet 3 common nutrition mistakes: 1. mistaking thirst pangs for hunger, 2. drinking your kcal and 3. skipping meals. Dairy free foods are important for those with lactose intolerance, phenylketonuria & those following a vegan diet
#retweet Many athletes swear by advanced beetroot supplements to improve endurance
#eatforhealth Improve your heart, eye, brain, bone & teeth with this recipe on our blog
#recipes Use turkey and goats cheese in lasagne for a calcium packed dish thats not as high in saturated fat
#recipes Broccoli is a source of organic sulfur compounds to ease joint pain, nuts contain fibre for healthy bowels
Avoid too many phytic acid rich foods like grains, sugary acidic drinks & take vit K & D as well as Ca & some tooth decay may be reveresed
#eatonthecheap To get your oily fish quota (3 portions a week) consider tinned sardines, pilchards, kippers or mackerel.
#gonuts Seeds & nuts contain lots of fibre as well as being a source of zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium, molybdenum B1, B2, B9
#nutritionlabels Check the amount per 100g: 15g fat or sugar=high, 5g sat fat=high, 6g of fibre=high 3g=a source of fibre, 1.5g salt=high for nutritional therapy meal plans in disease & for weight loss meal plans
B1 is found in dried fruit, nuts, seeds, fish, liver, cruciferous veg & orange. B1 is good for the heart & metabolism
Cauliflower is high in fibre potassium, vit c, B6 and B9 is good for women trying to get pregnant The relative benefits of high intensity verses moderate intensity training
Psoriasis may increase risk of high blood pressure can help reduce blood pressure and inflammation
Rather than eliminating carbs completely try only having starchy carbs at lunch and having more veg with evening meals
Sorry folks account was hacked. Please try our meal planning service at
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Coffee is a great pick me up, but too many cups can lead to nerves & may slightly raise LDL cholesterol if its unfiltered & ground.
Şark'ın Gençliği bir çalışma yapıyor dostlar, karınca kadarınca destek olmak boynumuzun borcudur.
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