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mr. bones
"do you like animals?" "i like to imagine them in cross sections"
by far the most boring summer i've ever had
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cute back to school haircut: shave ur fucking head
yes my cats name is jo-jo no it has nothing to do with the anime u god damn weebs
look at this asshole
all of this writing is more than 20 years old btw
when u build a house but ur on every drug in the book
@k0ujaculate why is my dad only a year older than me
@underclssshero do u remember that time in chem
do you really think a man that has claimed bankruptcy 4 times is in any position to resolve the debt of this country…
but we all know you would condone slave work of non-white people…
which explains why your line of shirts is manufactured there ????…
@underclssshero ye im just gonna paper mache his family bc u cant get it apart but u can paint on it
@underclssshero i will paper mache everything he has ever cared about
probably just gonna show up to the first day of school with 1 pen and like 3 sheets of paper
I read the whole bible now I'm so horny
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@SpaceCadetKael i was going to do this to you last night, but you had scissors
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All of the planets can suck My Ass. Bitch ass planets. They aint never done anything cool. You ever see Mars play a guitar? That guy sucks
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when ur data is faster than ur wifi
i wasted my summer watching netflix
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What's great about having cats around my house is the amazing dignity they display in everything they do.
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apparently our hot glue gun has been missing for 9 years
im playing the witcher again why do i do this to myself
BREAKING NEWS: CHINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Advisors vow to bobobobobobobobobobobobobobobobbo
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yo what up you fucking cabbage...
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do u ever have that friend thats obsessed with mall cop
where is this ominous music coming from ???????? ?

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