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leg leg leg so so so hot hot hot leg leg leg so so so hog hot hot u u u fry fry fry egg egg EGGG G
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We're like 8 years away from having a Senator with ear gauges
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the hot topic in the pallisades is playing nin this is great
"well that was mean" no shit im not a very nice person
im a passive mean person like i wont go out of my way to be rude but if the opportunity comes i will take it
So much estrogen up in here I grew another boob. It's the best one so far. I'm not that mad.
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2000s: Everything causes cancer! 2010s: Everything causes autism! 2020s: Everything alerts the Spiders 2030s: Everything causes space autism
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how to get in the shower: step 1
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hell yea i smell enchiladas
"should prostitution be legalised?" YES FUCKING YES IT GOD DAMN SHOULD BE
silvia has turned me into a different person bc now im listening to all this obscure japanese metal and i miss her so much
i got a dir en grey cd yesterday~~~
i got a job at the shelter so now i get to see cats everyday
i had a banana peel on a plate for 3 days and i just picked it up and a spider came out ?????
theres like 1 0people here but im gonna sing anyway and i havent performed in so long so idk how this is gonna go
maybe i could just go up and play piano and sing even though i only memorized one song
i could be up there but no my band abandoned me
i might have to sing at the open mic thing in the bbq place the old people are very forceful there
you can tell im not a gamer bc i gave up playing assassins creed due to my failure at figuring out how to use the controller
i would like an explanation as to how i got deodorant on my knee
i am going to warped tour
only hiking is important