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oh i sorry. I can not hear you over all this me.
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a cabbage is green my mom is mean
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i havent used itunes in over a year what the fuck is this and how do u use it
i am so fucking ready to see dir en grey in october
Cuando quieres salir corriendo pero tu pene tiene otros planes
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90 year old: I am gay Homophobe: um sweetie :) dont u think ur a little young 2 kno ur sexuality:) leave the labels til ur older :) uwu
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god damn do i hate Apple :)
i uninstalled itunes but now that i wanna put new albums on my ipod i have to install this piece of shit again and deal with it somehow
been binge listening to tesseract
isnt this american horror story
"omg ur so perf" yea okie
messed around with some makeup today idk
i know ombra is just an ep but nemertines could have done so much better
yes i listen to djent and yes i do hate myself
Going to Hell won’t be so bad, all my favorite bands will be there.
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what she says: im fine what she means: es oficial que van a hacer una peli de sp y estoy furiosa sin motivo aparente
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i hate when people dress like this, we get it, you fuck your cousins
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i mostly just waste my time listening to the mire and fucking up the sims 4
one of the frames in the where are u now video just says memes
do u ever just feel like peter gabriel
dude i fuckin love the shit outta mac and cheese but i cant eat it bc im lactose intolerant
drowning in a bowl of mac n cheese
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Cross the line if you are confident with your looks but don't want to sound arrogant because everyone else puts themselves down.
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"The meaning of life is to forget about the search for the meaning of life." - Christopher J. Peterson
i dont even care if its on a wednesday night i am fucking going there is no way i am missing dir en grey
スリットのメイクアップ担当した方がスリット近影を投稿してくれてて…ひぇえぇぇぇヾ(°ω。ヽ≡ノ°ω。)ノ 頬の傷めっちゃリアル
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my mom just realized that she works too hard good job
flushing myself down the toilet
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i dont have foundation on my chin bc i couldnt fucking keep the damn iced tea in my mouth during dinner
ive known i was trans since i was 11 dont u fuckin pull that "its just a phase" card on me bc i will fuck u up
kalina is back home and now i have no one to hang out with
If you have a head ache just rub a cabbage on your head and you will feel better but probably not
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i can either sound like one of the power puff girls or a 12 year old boy going through puberty
since im a yeller when i sing im looking to join a blink 182 cover band
im a kid rock fan and i agree with this…
CTL if music is your only outlet and happiness but people don't understand that, and judge you for it.
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