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very small cracker
no more aoba hair i cut it off but its still the same color
Good Idea: Rub you cat backwards
Retweeted by Kasusan ?
its okay i found it it was under some stuff
my mom moved the ramen i cant fuking jshwlf FIND IT
we could get some work done maybe if you stoppe complaining about getting work done ?????
he also told us the history if his teaching career and is complaining that no ones done anything all day
the sub for my english class has been talkin about writing the attendence in pen for like the past 15 minutes just use a pencil jesus christ
these guys in the cafeteria are trying to burn each others leg hair off with lighters wtf
idk maybe the keys are smaller but i dont thibk they are
i turned auto coreect off a while ago and apparently im suffering niw???
and that was supposed to be supposed to be
that was supposed i ve a g
everything is annoyinh
i cut my hair so the layers at the bottom are mostly all the same length and im proud of myself yes
if i was an employer i wouldnt hire me bc blue hair and also awkward
i can have a rainbow fuckin mohawk but god forbid i get one single piercing on my eyebrow that MY HAIR COVERS
i wouldnt even be able to get a job if i looked normal so what makes the difference
its not like im getting a dick tattooed to my face and piercings arent permanent either
i want to get my eyebrow pierced but my parents wont let me get any piercings bc they think i wont be able to get a job
although somehow it never bled but it looks cut up and stuff GUH THUMBS
i shredded my thumb with a razor while i was trimming my hair and it just looks fucking gross
my school doesnt know why i wasnt in any of my classes today lol
im listening to mad season i think im gonna cry