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mr. bones
My cat is sad because my other cat is walking around the kitchen singing the 1994 song 'Zombie' by The Cranberries.
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Those household cleaner ads are so unrealistic because when the parents are scrubbing crayon off the walls the kid is standing there alive.
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my head has been hurting since 8 this morning
Ted Cruz talks about government the way 7th graders talk about the mall police.
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im not a singer but i do hate mysef
It's 2015... how do homophobes still exist?
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@mossypeach dont do that ur making everyone jealous
no one would ever know that ive never done a faceup before
yes i believe in god i believe he hates me
it legitimately looks a 5 year olds room
everyone has cool ass rooms and then theres mine
tfw ur doll has better shoes than u
i dont even like them but this is gold
naddys clothes came in today πŸ’š
i think skeletons should be a decoration that stays all year round like they do at my housr
the only tolerable thing during the fall is that everyone decorates with skeleton stuff
its not even winter and i already have a cold
@k0ujaculate nah i know how to fix it but its in the middle of installing lol
i torrented gtav but everything is in russian i guess i deserved it idk what i was expecting
baby holly is all grown up 😒
"I'm nb!" "what does that mean??" "well hold onto your ass cuz everything you've been taught is a lie"
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i had a dream where i high fived donald trump after he told me he was leaving his wife after buying her a million dollar house
feed my addiction and gift me a skeleton
i have an unhealthy obsession with skeletons
You never see baby pigeons because pigeons are cloned by the government. Next question.
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no party like a bone party amiright
dood i want guardian armor
i need all of the attention immediately
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I do not want to get eaten by a giant snake
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some gems ive found in the playstore
nobody comes over to my house on fridays anymore and thats kinda disappointing
oh wow, thats really interesting, apparently in Sweden Ikea stuff is named using english words
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