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mr. bones
i redid the entire faceup and she still pretty much looks the same
im fed up with this bullshit since its right next to my house im just gonna call the police
the asshole from the town garage is fucking shooting his redneck gun on public property again
@mossypeach this goes perfectly to music
*doesnt eat* feels sick *eats* feels sick
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my tweet was not about u... get over yourself
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i rly wanna get colored contacts but im fucking broke
skipping school to catch up on school
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boys who say "no homo" make me wanna scream. No one assumes youre gay, or cares if u are. you dont need to reassure ur masculinity calm down
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i still cant believe how perfect dir en grey was last night
adeles new song is alright but i feel like it just doesnt go anywhere
why are we watching a 30 minute video about texting and driving in gym
I wish I wouldn't nope my way through my alarm :|
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i am dead #neverfreefromtheawakening #northamericantour #direngrey
fucking hate people that just stand at concerts
for a 7 show its starring p late
what do i do with the extra hour once the train gets into nyc
when ur mum makes enchiladas but u gotta eat them cold
heisskalt is my life
idk how but school kills my blood sugar
im at my familys house and theyre all cursing in german send help
#yasminbjd5k aaah congrats on 5k, i love your stuff!
i shouldnt be having a midlife crisis this young
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ive kind of just given up on most things in life at this point
why the long face? i am a horse
whenever im acting like an emo asshole just assume i havent taken my meds for the day
never posted this here
no offense but you give me very annoying vibes and it's makin me violent and homicidal lmafo
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@TheMrGtf that was great thank u
"who the fuck gets married on halloween anyway?"
wanna be quenched? crack open a nice cold glass of succ
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i cry whenever i think about birds i love them so much
lol so the bus driver missed my street and i had to get off at the next one over despite telling him where he had to go
When you try to catch the frisbee but the realize you ain't got no hands
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