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not chandler
“She got a big booty so I call her Big Booty.” -Jesus
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I liked a @YouTube video from @EveryllMusic Everyll Feat. Jay Mo - No More
wow i havent tweeted in for days... lol whattup
FINAL ROUND: I voted for @EveryllMusic to win @RyanSeacrest's "Best Cover of @Eminem & @rihanna's #TheMonster." Vote!
I liked a @YouTube video from @Net_Pork StatwPlay PvP Texture Pack - 60 Second Texture Pack Overview
I liked a @YouTube video from @TheCHoNGLeR MY FIRST UHC KILL (description says it all)
I liked a @YouTube video from @AmazingStarboy Minecraft - Survival Games | PLAY SG WITH ME!
CONTEST: Whoever gets the most wins on by sunday gets to be in one of my videos! Good luck! Come join!
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airbnb wants to see your city shine and send you to London! Enter here: - sp
Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card.
you know what you should do @McMagnetic ... make a "Top 10 Worst Minecraft Lets Players" get bank while roasting bitches
I voted for @EveryllMusic to win @RyanSeacrest's "Best Cover of @Eminem and @rihanna's #TheMonster." Vote for her!
i think i did pretty decent this game...
got dayz aww yee
Going to be having a filmmaking contest in the near future! More details and prize information coming out this saturday!
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And now i'm on twitter instead of doing that
how the hell do i forget that i have to read 100 pages of a textbook and prepare for an essay that's tomorrow... school pls ;_;
Hey if you guys could vote for my company for a shorty award in #smallbusiness, i will love you forever!
I nominate @AireDM for a Shorty Award in #smallbusiness because it's my business!…
I nominate @Net_Pork for a Shorty Award in #maker because he got sweg…
i've been sitting here for 2 hours writing a "research paper" on mac vs pc... such bullshit, nobody cares gg school i cri evertim
Alright, finally goodnight twitter... school tomorrow ;(
productive day... did so much work on @AireDM I really see this company shaping out
Ooh man, been workin for the past few hours on @AireDM branding and i think it will pay off.. we'll see in the next few days
I liked a @YouTube video from @iRuShThEwOrLd 2013 Recap & Montage!
lol all you scrubs have to go to school and i'm sitting here not having to go in until wednesday...
I have been absolute trash on my first two ranked games fml
Quick @Infinity_Realm notice, we are looking for fresh talent. Have what it takes? Give this a quick RT/fav and we might get back to you!
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We've yet to fire the Gaben Laser Beam™; Xbox Live is being targeted with our botnet of refrigerators.
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Our fridges have been seized by the police.
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In other news... I got dem fresh new kicks
I've been playing so much league lately that I keep hearing pings in my head.. Send help
I liked a @YouTube video from @Net_Pork From Then Till Now - NetPork
I don't think i've played vanilla minecraft for like half a year... feels strange
my new years resolution is 1920 by 1080
RT @UberFacts: The longest place name in the U.S. is Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg located in Webster, Massachusetts.