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Speaker John Boehner
If President Obama wants to use his pen, he should call Sen. Reid & tell him to stop blocking our #jobs bills:
RT @ForbesOpinion: Obamacare's Device Tax Grows More Devious: by Sally Pipes, Contributor
Our American Solutions package will include several bills focused on creating #jobs & kick-starting our economy
Important read from Sen. McConnell: “The Democrats’ Assault on Free Speech” @McConnellPress
Instead of working with Republicans on the American people’s priorities this month, Sen. Reid is obsessed with Koch:
RT @GOPLeader: Here's what's on the House floor schedule this week:
While Senate Democrats have been dragging their feet, the House of Representatives has been busy passing solutions
RT @PolitiFact: On @meetthepress, Obama said he didn't mean #ISIS when he said JV team. False.…
RT @WaysandMeansGOP: Reason #28 for 40 House-passed #jobs bills: #Unemployment rate for young people is 13.6%
Sad to hear of Truett Cathy’s passing. He was a great American entrepreneur who treated his employees well. @ChickfilA
House Republicans’ solutions will help Americans find work, lower the cost of living, & restore opportunities.
Thumbs up to @nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche’s impressive beard. #WorldBeardDay #Latergram
The American people deserve honesty, transparency, & accountability #immigration #amnesty
The president's decision to simply delay his unilateral action granting #amnesty smacks of raw politics #immigration
There is never a "right" time for the president to declare #amnesty by executive action #immigration
Democrats criticize President Obama’s strategy-free foreign policy
Democrats’ 2009 “stimulus” package “was riddled with a massive labor scheme that harmed workers”
Breaking @AP: “#IRS says it has lost emails from 5 more employees” under investigation
#IRS targeted conservative groups & had a “secret research project” into their donors. What was it? Who ordered it?
The facts are clear: we can't stall investing in our energy potential any longer. It's time HR 6 became law
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Natural gas production has the potential to strengthen America on the world stage & help our allies #natgas #LNG
Address the debt, reform the tax code, fix the legal system, rein in excessive regulations, & strengthen education:
House Republicans are working to protect American #energy & #jobs & stop the Obama administration’s #WarOnCoal.
RT @JimPethokoukis: The anemic August employment report: Where are the jobs? Where is the wage growth?…
Looking forward to further discussing these 5 key points @AEI later this month.
Reindeer shed their antlers naturally, so no animals were harmed in the creation of this mantelpiece →
Under Pres Obama, natural gas production has fallen on federal lands – meaning fewer good-paying #jobs. #natgas #LNG
A five-point, long-term vision for resetting America’s economic foundation →
#OnThisDay in 1834, Speaker of the House John Carlisle was born in what is now Kenton County, #Kentucky. #OTD
Americans are suffering the consequences of Democrats’ inaction, & they deserve better #SenateMustAct #4jobs
House has advanced solutions #4jobs & economic growth Dozens of these bills remain #StuckInTheSenate
Latest jobs report + CBO forecast = pattern of weakness in the Obama economy Where are the #jobs?
RT @boblatta: ICYMI: Check out my op-ed in @limanews re: the benefits of unleashing America’s #energy potential:…
“Why did the #IRS clean out Lois Lerner’s Blackberry as probes began?” asks @washingtonpost
Senate Democrats are blocking critical cybersecurity legislation #StuckInTheSenate
.@boblatta explains the many benefits of unleashing America's #energy potential in @limanews. More here: #Yes2Energy
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As President Teddy Roosevelt said: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” →
POTUS’ energy tax will destroy jobs, send electricity rates even higher House-passed solution is #StuckInTheSenate
.@DarrellIssa: House will 'Vigorously Oppose' New #DOJ Motion to Stay Judge's Operation #FastAndFurious Order
Retweeted by Speaker John Boehner
Post #8 in our #StuckInTheSenate series: stopping the #WarOnCoal, saving American
A walking stick. A stuffed monkey. Reindeer antlers. Find out what these items have in common:
Reading a lot about #cybercrime this week? We’ve got a bill #StuckInTheSenate that would tackle this threat #4jobs.
RT @HouseVetAffairs: "A VA employee, a crack house, and a lengthy firing process." via @washingtonpost…
America’s growing national #debt increases the risk of a fiscal crisis.
RT @WaysandMeansGOP: Reason #28 for 40 House-passed #jobs bills: #Unemployment rate for young people is 13.6%