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I have a rising follower graph! 1 more follower in the past day. Get your stats right here
I need to get my life together 😩😩😩😂😂😂😂
1 Followed, 2 Unfollowed me (monitored by
I just wanna Violate one of my Blockers so Bad😡😤. But imma Keep Cool😎
Ya better hold ya man she on the hunt for More 😂
That's why I don't need Nobody Now 😂😂6cT
Do you know who is awesome? My 1 new follower in the last day! Growing with
Buying the Benz I Guess 😏
Last 24 Hours = 2 Followers and 1 Unfollowers (stats by app)
But I'll wait for some Years. Ayden👶💙 All I need for now 😄💯
Now I want a Daughter lol💯
Stats for the day have arrived. 2 new followers and 1 unfollower via
Bank Card back working 💯
When the Pussy ain't the same Anymore 😑
2 Followed, 2 Unfollowed me (monitored by
Where the love if you Love me?
I might want it but I don't need the Bitch 💯
Love is a Dangerous Feeling 😑💯
Bryson Tiller- Exchange 💯💯💯! On the Pesos with this one!!
I ain't no Dummy🙅. I know my Wrong✖️ & Rights✔️💯
Before you walk👣👣 You have to Crawl☝️👏
Deactivated My Facebook 😑
I don't know what I want at this point 😩
I need to stop going to sleep early because people get mad when I do so 😒
Wake up to see bullshit 👿!
Stats for the day have arrived. 2 new unfollowers. Stats via
2 people unfollowed me today tracked by
When you deeply in Love❤️ but you don't wanna Show it so You Play Cool 💪😎😎
Just the one new follower today found welcome tracked by
FYI. I hate Being Yelled at! That makes me Say FUCK YOU & not wanna associate with You anymore 👌☝️💯
Started in the car & ended in the bed room 👀👅💦🍆🙈😜😂😂
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Stats for the day have arrived. 2 new followers and 1 unfollower via
2 Followed, 1 Unfollowed me (monitored by
Followers -4, Unfollowers - 0. I didn't know I was this awesome. Get your daily stats via
Going to sleep by my Lonely😴
It's a Thin Line〰 Between Love❤👫😍😘️ & Hate💔🔪🔫👿

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