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Do you know who is awesome? My 1 new follower in the last day! Growing with
Welcome to my new 1 followers and goodbye to 2 unfollowers (FREE stats by
Your mind want you to leave💃 but your heart telling you to stay🙍 💕
Leos are Liars😷, Capricorns are Crazy🔪🔫, Geminis are two Faced🎭 & the list go on & on for other signs. Us Scorpios are the only normal ones😌
New day, new tweets, new stats. 1 follower, 1 unfollower. Via good old
Gained 1 followers and lost 1 (stats by
Number crunching for the past day - 1 new follower and NO unfollowers. Stats via
Just the one new follower today found welcome tracked by
1 tweep followed (thank you!) and nobody unfollowed me in the past day. Thank you
Just the one new follower today found welcome tracked by
After what I found out shit really gone be Real 💪🏽😎.
1 new follower in the last day and it is more than just stats, I use it for growing my account! Try it
I wanna take a lie detector test 😏
New day, new tweets, new stats. 1 new unfollower. Via good old
Latest Stats = 1 Followers and 1 Unfollowers (tracked by
This shit need to Hurry ...💯
You got a designer belt with some non-name brand clothes on😳. O Yea tht shit Fufu😂😂💯
Retweeted by ✈️Paper✈️Chaser✈️
Girl in the taxi tried Swaggin me lol😏
Yoo my Parole officer need to let me Drive son!!! I can't keep doing this Cab shit everyday B😤👊
1 new tweep followed me in the last day. I find relevant people to follow with the #CopyFollowers feature of
Beautiful kid but I hate the mother. Smh😩
Cancel out my Ex like put a line through that Bitch 💁
I wish I could go back in time & change a few things 🙏🏽😏!!
Who you fucked when I wasn't there? 😏
Take me off all your social activities 💯👍
I'm not showing no Care for no Female. I've been done wrong & now everyone Gone pay!! 😔
I swear I'm not in love! Shit dead!! 🙏🏽
Gained 3 new followers in the past day. I’m growing my account the right way, are you? Do it with
I tried to make things right but it's deadass impossible to do tht. So therefore it's time for a change like Obama 💯
I think people must think I need them or something 😳. I did it by myself before, so what make people think now is different??
Sick & tired of being sick & tired 😏
I hate arguing. Shit done got played out. 👿
I know you love it when my hands on you & I would never let a nigga put his on you 💞😜😍😘💕
I won me a Trophy 💞💪🏽😍😘

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