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American ʙacoɴ ™
one direction 2,744 followers
still pretty crushed that i didnt get the chance to go to a nirvana concert
no mom, my alarm clock works fine. i just choose to wake up to the sound of tea flooding the sea and freedom ringing!
*silently waits for someone to tweet a historically inaccurate joke about the 4th of July*
the only makeup i need is the Mayflower Compact. it brings out my freedom.
but i dare someone to wear a british flag shirt when they go out and buy last minute paper plates today
im a louis girl who is totally a harry girl..and a niall girl...with a hint of liam...and maybe some zayn [im just thirsty]
yeah so like when will i get sunshine/5 bc i dont have money to pay Louis off
just to remind you, Augustus Waters died yesterday :-)
i just wanted to ruin your night
Google: "did you mean: coke is a butthole because they didn't SPELL MY NAME RIGHT ON THEIR BOTTLE?"
why have friends when you can but a 3lb bag of lollipops?
pain is when you paint your nails and later on you notice a fingerprint dried onto your nail.
ahh horoscope puns are the best
im an aries. that means im not afraid to RAM my foot up your ass.
my friends are the tightest shit ever
i seem to always start a diet on my period
i suggest you look up this website and tell me what happens bc im too scared. //🍙
but when will this "directioner" title end?
but he looks like an extremely hot football player AYE PAPI
i came out here to have a good time and i'm feeling so attacked
i refuse to watch any videos fro the WWAT. i want to experience the concert by myself and not in my room with the curtains drawn shut..