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#FF @seffron_999 @ShelleyTweets1 @ForestDan @YaYaLittle @Bri62 @Faith_Ford @mlc0769 @JANETFOREST Pls Follow these Fabulous Folks 👫👬👭🏃👯🙎🙍👍☀️
We R Michael Brown: Unarmed Black Teenager Shot 8 Times 😠�
@KPhilly911 @spaarx Nigga go for his legs!!!! You can tell this nigga lacks flexibility. He can't even wipe his own ads with them biceps.
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It Hurts When you have sum1 in your heart ❤️ but maybe never in your arms 💪💕 🙏
Enjoy yourself peeps, coz these are the good 'ole Days u gunna Miss in Your Future 👍Tru 💯😎
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Follow your Heart ❤️ because It Know Things Your Mind 👓 Can't Explain 😧 Tru 👍💯✔️
"Tonight we R young, so lets set the World On Fire,we can Burn Brighter than the Sun" 🙏🌝✔️💯
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"@ZodiacFacts: #Scorpio + #Aquarius: They have a friendship that is a little competitive but filled with respect and admiration." @spaarx
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@spaarx Good morning....Good night....Good morning...good night....good morning....good night....good morning....good night 😂😂😂🔫
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Me After A Hard Day At Skool 😂😂😂🍁🍁�…Mo3fJacftX
Me In Da Morning Gettin' ready 4 Skool 😵😵😍😎�…UOpe5oSg
Old Men Declare War but they send us to fight and Die 😧Tru💯
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Peeps Check Out Amazing Super Freaky Moon Tonight: Brightest in 20 years !!! 🌝😝
"Seven Days Without Prayer 🙏 makes 1 Weak "😵 Tru #BlessedSundayday ➕
I Ain't afraid of no Punk Ass Ebola Virus👊💪😂