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South Park
Check out the preview clip from the upcoming season of South Park (link in our profile)! All-new episodes start Wednesday, Sept. 24th on Comedy Central at 10p ET!! #southpark #season18 #WASvsPHI #nfl #redskins #washingtonredskins #cartman #football #southparkfans #comedycentral #newsouthpark
Check out this preview clip from the upcoming South Park season. New episodes begin Wed on @ComedyCentral 10p ET.…
The “South Park: Complete 17th Season” DVD & Blu-Ray is available now! Get it here:
WHAT BRO?? Join us on Wednesday for a special Live Tweet of #BroadwayBroDown @ 9:30p EST, followed by the Season 18 Premiere @ 10pm!
Who’s pumped for the all-new #SouthPark episodes??
"Bitch, how you not the hobbit again?" #RecoveringGayFish
An epic 13 HOUR #SouthPark Marathon starts right now on Comedy Central!
ONLY 4 DAYS until all-new episodes of South Park premiere on Comedy Central! #southpark #season18 #southparkseasonpremiere #cartman #videogame #gogodgo #southparkfans #comedycentral #newsouthpark #COMEON
Take a behind-the-scenes look at every single Season 11 episode with commentary from Matt and Trey -->
ONLY 4 DAYS until all-new episodes of #SouthPark premiere on Comedy Central!
Give me new season of @SouthPark already. My body is ready.
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Nya nya nya nya NYAAAA nya! I made you eat your par-ents! #SouthPark #Classics
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@SouthPark I farted on Princess Kenny's balls a while ago so I think I'm ready.
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.@GamingKing_ The UK #SouthPark premiere is a week later -- October 1st @ 10p GMT!
Who’s counting down to the #SouthPark premiere this Wednesday??
Thank you so much for @SouthPark #TheStickofTruth, it was hilarious! I'm so ready for the new season! 😁
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.@QuoteTheMiller Holy shit! You are dead on -- Mr. Hankey's 3 kids are: Cornwallis, Amber, and Simon.
What are the names of Mr. Hankey’s three nuggets?
All-new episodes of South Park premiere in 5 DAYS on Comedy Central! #southpark #season18 #southparkseasonpremiere #randy #randymarsh #southparkfans #comedycentral #newsouthpark #imsorry #ithoughtthiswasamerica
All-new episodes of #SouthPark premiere in 5 DAYS on Comedy Central!…
Realized I was 8 seasons behind on @SouthPark . So much fun catching back up. These fucking gems are a gift.
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“South Park: Complete 17th Season” is available now on DVD & Blu-Ray! Grab it here -->
Look how it's face gets all red - he's like a little strawberry. Hohhhh- Ha haahahaaa!! #SouthPark
.@Cicabeot1 Holy crap! Correct answer AND alternate answer, in like 7 seconds! "Respect My Authoritah" is originally from "Chickenlover"...
Cartman’s infamous “RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!” originally comes from what episode?
Only 6 DAYS until all-new episodes of South Park! #THEEEEENX
“I’m just an ordinary towel in a lot of ways... Except for one. I'm addicted to Marijuana. ...And Crystal Meth… And crack.” #towelie #southpark #lol #crack #pot #weed #marijuana #southparkfans #dontforgettobringatowel #wannagethigh
“Make Love Not Warcraft”, ”TSST” — go behind the scenes of every Season 10 episode w/ Commentary from Matt & Trey -->
When you get out of the water you need to dry off right away. That's why Towelie says: DON'T FORGET TO BRING A TOWEL!
Next Wednesday -- join us for a Live Tweet of "Broadway Bro Down" @ 9:30p, followed by the SEASON 18 PREMIERE @ 10p!
Want more behind the scenes details from Matt & Trey? Watch Season 10 Creator Commentary for FREE @ SouthParkStudios:
Thanks for joining us for the #Ungroundable live tweet, posers.
Let us make it abundantly clear: If you HATE LIFE. TRULY HATE THE SUN and NEED TO SMOKE AND DRINK COFFEE, YOU ARE GOTH. #ILearnedSomething
Would you mind telling me -- WHY THERE IS Rice a Roni in my COFFEE!?!? #Ungroundable #SouthPark
That's Trey singing a very Gothic version of "Burn Down Hot Topic". Like all #SouthPark songs, this was written & recorded 100% in-house.
The ghost of Edgar Allen Poe -- er, NightPain -- is also a frequent visitor to this diner...
When creating background characters, the art department creates multiple "packs" of props and clothes for variety:
Butters did you get gay with one of your schoolmates tonight?! #GetGay #Ungroundable
Butters' Dad (Stephen) is one of many characters who've undergone a name change. In early seasons, he was known as Chris. #SouthParkHistory
Heads Up! All-New episodes of #SouthPark are only ONE WEEK AWAY!
“South Park: The Complete 17th Season” DVD & Blu-Ray just hit the shelves yesterday! Grab it here: