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Soulmate Experience
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Soulmates, Jealousy & Sexual Healing
Life happens where you put your focus.
"I guarantee that you will say the same thing that I did: "Now I get it!" ~M. A. Beghtel
Infuse your lovemaking with more passion
Here is something you can trust everyone to do: to act in accordance with their own beliefs.
"...listening to the mantras opened up a whole new world for me that I never knew existed."
Intimacy means being open and receptive; if you're hiding in any way, you can't be fully intimate.
Infuse your lovemaking with more FUN:
Two free chapters from The Soulmate Experience that could change your life!
"The tips and lessons provided in the book are tools that I will apply to every relationship..." ~Karissa P
Give yourself a quiet moment today with nature.
Got jealousy? Check out this transformation course with special coaching offer:
Don't capitalize on the opportunity to GET something. Capitalize on the opportunity to SHARE something.
"I totally recommend this one." ~V. Brand "VK"
We just lent to a borrower in Mexico. Join us on @Kiva today and impact a life too!…
YES! There Are Loving Approaches to Jealousy:
By offering a partner love, companionship, AND the freedom to expand themselves, we'll be incredibly desirable.
Anticipation helps to keep a relationship exciting.
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A communion service based on the four elements (air, fire, water, earth).
"This book ... is amazing." ~tamntn
"May the spirit of the love we have shared here ripple out into the world beyond us."
"Refreshing thoughts and inspiring." ~MM
Jealousy can destroy relationships—or infuse them with passion and excitement!
"I would recommend this book to anyone who struggles with negative thought patterns..." ~Toni Hall
Perhaps, someday, our ability to love won't be so limited. ~Dr Beverly Crusher
Infuse your lovemaking with more spirit
Your value doesn't depend on anyone or anything else. Your value is intrinsic.
Enjoy "Having a Guest in Your Life," one of the most-loved chapters in our book!
Take a peek into The Soulmate Experience:
When you're with your loved one, it's not about WHAT you're doing. It's about you're EXPERIENCING while doing it.
"well written, covers every aspect of relationships in an easy and understandable way." ~Cecily McCarthy
When we truly grasp that what someone says or thinks about us doesn't have anything to do with us, we're free.
Self-love mantra: I'm ready to take my lessons from the past and move forward into the future. #love…
En una relación totalmente intima, todo se puede compartir porque todo esta bien.…
She felt a soul connection—with a fish!
What we avoid seeing in ourselves can affect us, and our relationships, in ways we can't imagine.
We can free ourselves from the past by changing how we relate to it in the present. (Chapter 3)
If #jealousy has ever kept you from the relationship you desire, you owe this to yourself:
@SoulmateExprnce Intimacy w/ self & others flourishes when shame, guilt & self-rapproach no longer make you hide your WHOLE of good and bad
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"@SoulmateExprnce: Soulmates help each other heal every small thought they have about themselves." so true
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Useful and desirable @SoulmateExprnce: 2 free chapters from The Soulmate Experience that could change your life!
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"@SoulmateExprnce: "I know now that what I want is not only possible, it's doable." ~Pam" Yeeeees!!!
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