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Soulmate Experience
The extent to which we hide for one another is the extent to which we feel disconnected.
This book has completely changed my mindset need given me some much needed insight into relationships.
Inspiration for truly loving yourself: #selflove
"Create some spaciousness in your life by letting go of something you don't really need or want to do."
Life is short, Love is Endless. Live and love life to the fullest...
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We had a threesome last night—a provocative conversation about love, intimacy, and sexual connection with the...
Learn the secrets to transforming #jealousy into #passion and desire!
Your soulmate can "hold a positive belief about you until the evidence shows up." ~Michael Naumer
As we disconnect from our senses, we reduce our ability to connect with our lover.
When we're living life on restriction, we quickly become resentful of the one making the rules.
Thank you! RT @spirittransits This is a great practice: "Quiet your mind and ask your heart, What do you have to tell me today? Then listen"
THANK YOU! RT @mlocadelamaceta that chapter is sooo wise! :) "The Power of Invitation": Free from The Soulmate Lover:
We can best provide for others when we take good care of ourselves.
"The Power of Invitation": Free chapter from The Soulmate Lover:
Secrets for couples for creating lasting love:… via @LanaReid
"Attempts to cajole someone into making us feel secure only make us insecure." ~David Schnarch
The most powerful expression of commitment is not something you try to get from someone, but something you offer.
I got so many nuggets of wisdom from this book that I purchased it on Audible so my spouse and I can listen together.
Soulmates have no timeline for their partner's evolution.
"A little daily burst of positivity and perspective for every day."
To be honest I gave up on relationships. I just wanted to grow into a complete man.
Opening up your senses will also open you up to a truly sensual relationship.
Self-love mantra: I allow myself the freedom to be everything I can be.
Read "Loving Your Body" and feel better about YOU than ever before:
Quiet your mind, and ask your heart, "What do you have to tell me today?" Then listen...
Our jealousy course has helped 100s of people overcome this debilitating emotion:
Life is a process of relating.
Creating your own definition of any quality you desire allows you to OWN that quality.
In a fully intimate relationship, everything can be shared because everything is okay.
"Sexy Is a State of Mind": Free chapter from The Soulmate Lover:
What if we weren’t afraid of holding on too tight or of letting go too much?
Give yourself time to notice the first buds opening in the spring and the last petals dropping in the fall.
What do you LOVE about monogamy—when it's great?
We're having a very sexy conversation tonight with the awesome Edie Weinstein—please join us! <3 Mali & Joe
Two couples share what keeps their #love alive!
Eat a meal today with the knowledge that every single bite is a gift.
"If sexual intimacy has to do with disclosing yourself through sex, people who can let themselves be known have...
"I found tremendous synchronicity as I read this book."
A belief is simply an idea you've decided is true.

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