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Soulmate Experience
If your partner (or anyone!) sees a positive quality in you, it's because it's THERE.
Harness the energy of jealousy to increase the passion and desire in YOUR relationship:
"Buy this book and savor every page."
From one lover to another: "I take great pleasure in all aspects of who I am with you."
Each and every one of us is fully worthy. The more we recognize that, the more love we will experience.
"This book is full of love—a definite feel good book!"
Do we have more than one soulmate? via @EdieWeinstein!
Being fully open to receiving is the key to true #abundance.
I accept and LOVE myself time ago... What's society? WE ARE society. We've got the POWER of LOVE ❤❤…
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Looking through "life is good" eyes & trusting the universe. 😎❤️✨…2
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"@SoulmateExprnce: "Today I give myself permission to not be perfect."" I'm not perfect. I am who I am. Perfectly ME
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"@SoulmateExprnce: A situation can look quite different through "life is good" eyes than through "life is bad" eyes." Positive outlook
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"THE SOULMATE EXPERIENCE is provocative and profound, yet amazingly simple at the same time."
A situation can look quite different through "life is good" eyes than through "life is bad" eyes.
Feeling authentically attractive comes from the inside.
"Today I give myself permission to not be perfect."
Get two free chapters from The Soulmate Lover:
"Smelling a rose believing you know what it will smell like could cheat you out of a beautiful experience!"
"Each time I open it, I find new insights about myself and my life."
Acquire eight essential keys to freeing yourself from the pain of jealousy:
"Loving and accepting ourselves are the ultimate acts of courage. In a society that says, 'Put yourself last,'...
No, they're not negative cause they make me be more courageous and my heart knows I'm on my right path…
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RT @SoulmateExprnce "How are you appreciating YOUR body today?  " >>Deep breaths and plenty of water :-) ^D
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"Worlds may change, galaxies disintegrate, but a woman always remains a woman." ~James T Kirk
Who would you be without the thought that the challenges you're facing today are in any way negative?
"I've learned to love my body, let go of some limiting beliefs, and simply how to "be" in relationship."
"This is the most inspiring and beautiful book that I have ever seen."
When we open ourselves to love, we discover it deep within us.
The more attractive you FEEL, the more other people will SEE you that way.
We are coming from true self-esteem when we no longer have to look to anyone else for approval.
The Soulmate Experience is a wonderful community over on Facebook too:
RT @love2golf There's so much #bonding to be done—in golf or really any sport.
The more we learn to trust our intuition, the better our decisions will be and the more confidant we'll feel.
Fill yourself with love and inspiration! #love
Are you holding on to an image of what it means to be sexy that you don't match up to?
"Applying these teachings to my life has been heart opening."
Soul-to-soul connection isn't something we have to wait for. We have the potential to create it in every encounter.
A winner is just a loser who tried one more time. ~ George M. Moore Jr.
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Self-love mantra: I acknowledge and accept my own divinity.
@Archie_Mocks What an absolutely heart-touching message. So sweet to know you're here! ♥ Mali & Joe

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