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Soulmate Experience
"This book has given us the tools to work through our issues."
Notice something beautiful today. In the process of noticing beauty, your world becomes more beautiful.
"Thank you for everything you've allowed me to see in you and everything you've shown me about myself."
Look around you RIGHT NOW (or out of a window) and see something you hadn't noticed before.
Free event on creating a home that enhances all your relationships: via @KlaraGoldy
"This book has given us the tools to become better partners."
Learning to accept—even love—every aspect of our physical selves frees us to enjoy richer, more intimate relationships.
Get back in touch with your sexy side! Read "Sexy Is a State of Mind" FREE:
Two couples talk about staying aware in their relationship:
If you've doubted it, know that soulful men are alive and well!
@TheWiseAngel @SoulmateExprnce I've discovered that there is no way to win in the comparison game.
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Has jealousy ever prevented you from having the relationship you dream of?
Your intention is inspiration for all of us!…
Reading books on #sex and other things to do with a lover:
@TheWiseAngel We like your idea of it being a strength we can build. We're with you! ♥ Mali & Joe
A muscle that I am building everyday. Not to compare myself to anyone. Love you @SoulmateExprnce…
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@SoulmateExprnce I NEVER compare myself with others. For what? I am who I am. I don't want that people envy me.
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@SoulmateExprnce when you make love...age, physical outlook etc' are of no importance, when you have sex they do :-)
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@mo_anastasia_ Those realizations are life transforming! ♥ Mali & Joe
@SoulmateExprnce its been fun designing a home to evolve relationships and to set space on purpose to elicit the best kind @KlaraGoldy
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@MimseyMack @liveinlimbo @LifeOfSoulMates @marineau64 It keeps you continually in touch with the miracle of being alive. ♥ Mali & Joe
How have your feelings and beliefs about your body affected your relationships?
Comparing yourself to others can be a significant obstacle to feeling good about yourself.
Operating out of fear keeps us in fear.
"This is not some frivolous guide on how to get a man and keep him."
Inspiration for truly loving yourself: #selflove
Everything in life is magical in its own way. The more open we are to that truth, the more magic we will experience.
Learn the secrets to transforming #jealousy into #passion and desire!
Consider this: When we say someone's not committed, we mean our picture of our relationship doesn't match theirs.
Rather than focusing on how OLD you are, focus on how FULL OF LIFE you are!
Being authentic means being who you are regardless of what other people think.
Instead of letting AGE be an indicator of your desirability, look to your VITALITY.
A master always knows that the world is offering her the exact experiences she needs for the growth she desires.
"The Power of Invitation": Free chapter from The Soulmate Lover:
"I always remember that I have everything I need to enjoy my here and now." ~Ken Keyes Jr.
"This is not some frivolous guide on 10 tips to make him love you forever."
You might miss out on a totally amazing life by simply not recognizing the one you already have.
"I found this book to be very enlightening, rewarding and transformational."
These 12 amazing guys will restore your faith in the men!
Life gives you endless opportunities to feel authentically sexy!

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