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Soulmate Experience
A truly great love affects not only the two who are in love, but those around them as well.
Good love stories are inspiring for all of us. <3 Thank you, our lovely Ande!
Your beliefs create your experiences. And what you believe is up to you.
"This book was a wake up call for me."
Inspiration for truly loving yourself: #selflove
Try looking in a mirror today with no ideas or thoughts about who the person looking back at you is.
Learn the secrets to transforming #jealousy into #passion and desire!
There are rainbows forming, people falling in love, and babies laughing full of joy RIGHT NOW!
Are you holding on to an image of what it means to be sexy that you don't match up to?
The more you know yourself as beautiful, the more beauty others will see in you.
The more comfortable you are in your body, the more pleasure you'll have with it!
Take a walk this week with the intention of feeling your connection to everything around you.
"The Power of Invitation": Free chapter from The Soulmate Lover:
Break the cycle of noticing what you don't like by intentionally focusing on what you DO like!
Without followers, evil cannot spread. ~Spock
"If you are looking to find more meaning to your life... this is the book for you!"
See others as your companions in this journey we call life, rather than as your competition.
"This book is a great reminder to take the time to focus on the joy of being alive."
When we met, to say that I had some baggage would be an understatement.
Life gives you endless opportunities to feel authentically sexy!
"My boyfriend and I read this and both found it powerful."
Real intimacy involves SEEING and BEING SEEN!
#Moms and #dads, you rock! RT @RasheedahG My parents are truly my motivation to be better! #LoveMyFolks
Overheard: "All I have left for my parents is love, because they are responsible for me being on the path I'm on."
Read "Loving Your Body" and feel better about YOU than ever before:
Most problems in relationships are caused, at their core, by a lack of consciousness.
Our jealousy course has helped 100s of people overcome this debilitating emotion:
Life offers us the challenges we are ready for. A master always knows this. The rest of us are learning.
Instead of letting AGE be an indicator of your desirability, look to your VITALITY.
It's often along the path of MOST resistance that we expand the most.
Cool! RT @beccaribbing Love this! So true! "If you feel envy, use it as inspiration to move in the direction of that which you desire."
Please share this with anyone interested in writing and publishing their own book. <3 We're giving a workshop on...
"Sexy Is a State of Mind": Free chapter from The Soulmate Lover:
If you feel envy, use it as inspiration to move in the direction of that which you desire.
Love your love story! RT @KissingSacred Weekend retreat in the mountains. 23 years married. #smellingroses
How do you communicate with your lover in the difficult moments?
Here's to getting out of life's way!
For any of you who are thinking negatively about your own aging... <3 "Sexy Is a State of Mind'—so powerful we're...
"An open minded healthy approach to relationships."
The only measure of whether you ARE sexy is whether you FEEL sexy.
Endeavor to bring some aspect of the soulmate experience into every one of your relationships.
Two free chapters from the award-winning book The Soulmate Lover:
Two free chapters from The Soulmate Experience that could change your life!

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