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Soulmate Experience
Over the Hill And Into The Sack! Aging and Sexuality…
Access Your Own Wisdom—Create A Shortcut To Your Source!…
Sometimes it's challenging to see just how something could actually contribute to our experience. At those times,...
Acquire eight essential keys to freeing yourself from the pain of jealousy:
One reason people avoid long-term relationships? They fear they'll be expected to give up part of who they are.
"I am 70 years old, a widow, and excited about the ideas in THE SOULMATE EXPERIENCE." ~Julie
@SoulmateExprnce To know oneself is twice the accomplishment of knowing others for we hav to avoid the traps of egotism we place in our mind
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If you ask people what they've always wanted to do, most people haven't done it. That breaks my heart. - Angelina Jolie
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Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage, -- Anais Nin
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"There's nowhere else I need to be. There's nothing else I have to do."
Wisdom from a fan, Matthew Watson: "When we are allowed to be the thing we were meant to be, we bring peace and...
"For guys such as myself, it is a gift..." ~Guy Tillotson
Continue to look at your partner with new eyes so that your ability to see them doesn't diminish.
As we grow in self-intimacy, we also grow in our ability to be intimate with others.
If you haven't read "Having a Guest in Your Life," get it here free:
A #soulmate challenges you to be your best. Not the best according to the world. The best as you define it for yourself.
"...Joe and Mali have created a roadmap to intimacy and good loving!" ~cdmccool
"Today I give myself permission to experience pleasure."
Infuse your lovemaking with more excitement!
YES! There Are Loving Approaches to Jealousy:
"Marrying me isn't a trap, it's a treasure chest."
If you'd been born as this person, what would your hopes, dreams, and aspirations be? #createthelifeyouwant…
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"I felt such relief and joy the day I realized that my belief 'I'm not attractive' wasn't true!" ~former self-criticizer
"He looked in my eyes and found what he'd been looking for all along."
Has jealousy ever prevented you from having the relationship you dream of?
Do you want to know more about "The Soulmate Experience"?
"This book is full of love a definite feel good book." ~L. Poole
Fill yourself with love and inspiration! #love
"The beautiful color art work in each chapter is a pleasure to look at." ~MM
Communicating in the Difficult Moments w/ @JoelYoungNPA
"I release thought and focus on feeling."
The more we think we need from our relationship, the less joy it will bring us.
"I keep a copy by my bed so I can read it over and over again." ~LMA
Inspiration for truly loving yourself: #selflove
When you're comfortable WITH yourself, you're likely to be comfortable SHARING yourself.
RT @MicheeSSI I hope sharing will encourage others to... not be afraid to be naked and vulnerable.…
Learn the secrets to transforming #jealousy into #passion and desire!
What special gift do you have that you could allow yourself to develop more?
"I was probably just days from dying. A voice in my head..."
Do you agree? And if you do, does the same go for every person? <3
To have a relationship that's fully alive, encourage growth and change in yourself, your partner, and your relationship.
Bring More Consciousness into Your Relationships w/ @JoelYoungNPA
The greatest secret of truly happy people? Always finding something positive in the most negative-looking of circumstances.
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Self-love mantra: Today I recognize that the universe is fully supporting me in pursuing my higher purpose.Ê