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Soulmate Experience
"it will transform your soul, your heart and your life." Suzanne M. Mckeon
Infuse your lovemaking with more passion
People relating on a soulmate level recognize that everyone evolves at their own pace. #soulmates…
Life shows up to match your beliefs about it.
"In this moment, I invite love to be my guide."
What if the emphasis in our relationships was not so much on what we DO together but on what we EXPERIENCE?
We believe that if we keep our partner away from other attractive people they'll be more attracted to us. The OPPOSITE is true.
Infuse your lovemaking with more FUN:
Two free chapters from The Soulmate Experience that could change your life!
What choices are YOU making today? <3
"It makes me feel alive and full of hope!" ~Julie
To make space for the new, we must release the old.
Learn why you're jealous and what you can do about it:
The possibility of feeling a soul connection with another is always within us.
"THE SOULMATE EXPERIENCE is provocative and profound, yet amazingly simple at the same time." ~Julie
Affirmation of the day!! RT@SoulmateExprnce "I open myself to giving love and receiving love."
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Our conversation on the Magnetize the Love of Your Life Summit
The less we hide things about ourselves from other people, the more connection we will be capable of experiencing.
Soulmates act as each other's support in the evolution toward higher awareness.
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A Soulmate Love Story: Sandy & Gavin
"The beautiful color art work in each chapter is a pleasure to look at." ~MM
The next time you're complimented, you might just say, "Thank you for seeing that in me."
"I open myself to giving love and receiving love."
"This book is full of love a definite feel good book." ~L. Poole
"I am more available for myself and taking care of myself on a deeper, more intrinsic level." G.Hanson
Rather than taking society's word for what's beautiful, discover what's beautiful for yourself.
Creating Drama Free Loving Relationships by Epic Love…
Getting Free of Relationship Myths that Mess with Us and Growing True Love…
Tantric Texting, Intimacy Games and Energetic Generosity…
Changing your Relationship Magnets and Attracting True Love by Epic Love…
Reflections: Do Opposites Really Attract?
Living as soulmates in every moment:
"In this loving, accepting space, you are safe to try out being ANYONE with me."
"As we make love, may we feel our spiritual connection through our physical connection."
Do you want to learn more about The Soulmate Experience?
"...words that hold such love that you feel like you are being embraced, nurtured and cherished." ClearlyNow
The more you recognize that life is magical the more magic you will see.
Feelings of jealousy can be a key to unlocking our own insecurities.
Creating an extraordinary relationship requires us to step out of our comfort zones.
Free video summit on #love and #spiritual #sexuality! Register here and receive the videos & free gifts:
"Being jealous sucks" ~Lisa Vincent - Overcoming Jealousy Course:
"I can truly say I am glad that I took the time to read it..." Cherry Keal
You are my pet soulmate: you sense my spirit and when to hold fast and when to stay just within reach.
Bringing a spirit of playfulness into your everyday life elevates the experience of everyone around you.
Acting out of expectation breeds resentment.
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If jealousy ever troubles you, learn to harness its energy:
IMPOSSIBLE is a word that humans use far too often. ~Seven of Nine