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Steve Souders
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Fastly added support for "stale-while-revalidate" and "stale-if-error" Cache-Control extensions: - awesome!
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#edgeconf There's more to secure websites than deploying certs. Mixed content is huge, eg # of WP themes w http CSS images.
#edgeconf More layout browser tooling would be good but ways to more easily interpret CURRENT tooling is more needed. YSlow for rendering?
#edgeconf Can't believe search engines still don't help discover mobile web apps! I'd prefer NOT to have to use app stores for open web.
#edgeconf We need JS api for gathering rendering metrics. #webperf
In case you missed it, I analyzed how new iPhone screen sizes will mess with your designs:
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Slides from my #velocityconf talk “HTTP/2: Operable and Performant”…
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It's a wrap! #VelocityConf NY was incredible. Thank you to everyone for making it such a success. See you back here Sep 28-30 2015.
Before adding a carousel to your website look at #velocityconf cc @DeanoHume @rposbo
Join us tonight to celebrate another fantastic year at #Velocityconf Closing Reception- thanks to @SoaSta
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Service Workers. Alex Russell @slightlylate. Regent 11:20. Nuf said. #velocityconf
Also, man, I am really impressed with the diversity I saw at Velocity today. Never seen such a good %age women at an open tech conf.
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Cache-Control: max-age=604800, stale-while-revalidate=86400, stale-if-error=259200 (nice work!)…
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Our own Hooman Beheshti speaks today at #velocityconf. Explore caching the uncacheable at 11:20AM, Murray Hill East
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We're rolling out Cache-Control extensions because they make the Web faster and more reliable for browsers and CDNs:
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Strongly encourage you to play with these waterfall visualizations from @MarkZeman: #velocityconf
So much anticipation for @MarkZeman's talk I have goosebumps. #velocityconf in Regent
WebP increases happiness more than progressive jpeg. What's this say about progressive rendering? via @tameverts @kentalstad
Stale-While-Revalidate & Stale-If-Error supported by @fastly: Makes CDN faster now; & again in browsers as adopted.…
.@nytimes got 15% faster by removing one synchronous script. via @eitanmk #velocityconf
.@stubbornella: "Be careful optimizing for the slow case and pessimizing for the average case"
.@addyosmani's research confirms the time expectations published by Jakob Nielsen decades ago. (via @stubbornella) #velocityconf
How do u deal w third party dependencies in ur architecture? Come listen to @stubbornella in Regent at 11:20. #velocityconf
You know #velocityconf NY is doing something right when there is a line in the women's restroom. (Don't remember any lines in Santa Clara.)
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We’re excited to announce that Fastly has raised a $40 million Series C round:
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Because it’s #velocityconf week, let’s give good news for Web Performance: Navigation Timing API is available on iOS 8
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Slides from "Beyond Page Level Metrics" by @bluesmoon & @bbrewer. Great RUM techniques.… #VelocityConf
Mind blown by new ideas from @patmeenan @jonathanklein @bbrewer & @bluesmoon for how to use Resource Timing! #VelocityConf
At #VelocityConf? Like #WebPerf? Then signup for #WebPerfDays! Held on Sep 18, hosted by @Meetup. 23 spots left:…
Great to have a packed room for #VelocityConf tutorials - at 9am no less!
And #VelocityConf NY is off and running!
WebPerfDays is the “unconference” that brings the web perf community together. WebPerfDays is this Thurs.
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Published slides for CSS Performance Tooling:… my @CSSconfeu talk on automating optimisation
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Hey #velocityconf goers! My talk 'Everything You Wanted to Know About Web Performance' is Mon @ 9am. Hope to see you!…
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First time flying wearing my @2XU_USA compression socks. Legs feel great. Thx @RandywBecker!…
One week of #WebPerf gurus & deep dives. Here I come @velocityconf and @WebPerfDays!
sometimes images load just too damned fast... for those cases, we have ComcastifyJS: - courtesy of @TheOnion.
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on the blog: "Onload in Onload" or “Why you should use document.readyState” -…
Excited to see launch of Polyfill Service from @FT & @SamuelGiles_ (via @triblondon).…
Great #WebPerf analysis of #AppleFail by @igrigorik: missing gzip, short expires, lotsa images, overloaded origin.…
The @FontSquirrel generator now supports WOFF2. ~30% better compression than WOFF. Chrome/Opera only, for now.
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I'm speaking at the SV Mobile Web App Dev Meetup on Sep 30 hosted by @fastly. RSVP to reserve a spot:…
Hooman Behesti, Peter Hedenskod and Tobias Baldauf confirmed to speak at #WebPerfDays Amsterdam! Join us
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Today is Internet Slowdown day. @twitter @netflix @mozilla & others altered their sites to appear slower.