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Steve Souders
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Excited to see launch of Polyfill Service from @FT & @SamuelGiles_ (via @triblondon).…
Great #WebPerf analysis of #AppleFail by @igrigorik: missing gzip, short expires, lotsa images, overloaded origin.…
The @FontSquirrel generator now supports WOFF2. ~30% better compression than WOFF. Chrome/Opera only, for now.
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I'm speaking at the SV Mobile Web App Dev Meetup on Sep 30 hosted by @fastly. RSVP to reserve a spot:…
Hooman Behesti, Peter Hedenskod and Tobias Baldauf confirmed to speak at #WebPerfDays Amsterdam! Join us
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Today is Internet Slowdown day. @twitter @netflix @mozilla & others altered their sites to appear slower.
If an onload handler adds another onload handler, does it execute? Help me collect results - load this test page:…
If you're using performance.getEntries() note that iframe resources are NOT included in this list, even if the iframe is same origin.
how Yelp is using CSP to log and monitor security violations on their site: - awesome. h/t @mikewest.
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"That's right - no lag! Each crystal clear page loads instantaneously." From @IKEAUSA (via @mskacieh).…
There's a difference between a good decision & a good outcome. One does not necessarily imply the other in short term but will over time.
Great article on how @smashingmag improved #WebPerf. Esp read the section on fonts, localStorage & mobile webviews.…
MUST WATCH: @googlechrome's Nat Duca on advances in rendering incl will-change, layers, & magic viewport -…
Reduce page size 25% by optimizing images and minifying JS & CSS using @pagespeed (via @igrigorik).…
Learn how @guardian, one of the world's largest media sites leveraged Fastly to improve page speed by 20%:
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ASP.NET Image Resizing, Cropping, & Upload Module for IIS - Free & Open Source - MVC compatible
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.@kaelig managed to shave off ~200ms from our median DOMContentReady event by serving WOFF 2.0 fonts to our Chrome users. #perfmatters
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Careful - your #GoogleAnalytics RUM data may be skewed by too many zeroes (via @yottaa).…
I've just published my PageSpeed Insights extension for Opera. Analyzes the current page and suggests improvements:…
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Page speed affects online sales. That's why #NetNeutrality is important to small retailers. More fr @Etsy & @gigaom:…
the more you fail, the more you learn: - have a fun (web) perf fail case study? share it!
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Great article from @deflatermouse on ESI for better caching & #WebPerf from CDNs:…
Building a better data center: VP of Infrastructure @tomdalynh talks about Fastly's customized setup.
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Why do you want to go to @velocityconf in NYC? Tell me, and maybe win a 2-day pass!
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must read: "Native Response Images" from @yoavweiss -…
Going to Velocity EU in Barcelona? Make your plans before the Best Price phase ends this week.
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In ~4 weeks I'll be talking about @respimg and preloaders at @velocityconf NYC. Tickets at 20% discount code: RESPIMG
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From @ericlaw: Make sprite dimensions square and "power of 2".… #WebPerf
new post: 7 practical tips when measuring Resource Timing -…
Link rel=prerender is great but how many pkgs check visibilityState? GA does. What about Omniture, Boomerang, DoubleClick, etc? @igrigorik
At @Neustar for @SFWebPerf listening to @igrigorik talk about Resource Hints
Google Search page is 11 requests, 500KB when logged out. Logged in is 19 requests. Is this the new standard for "lightweight"?
First day in months that I'm below 2 on pain scale: knee, shoulder & psoas. Knocking on wood.
grunt plugin for compressing files using Zopfli: - ~5% compression improvement over zlib.
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Can #Apache return a Timing-Allow-Origin header for 304s? Ow I can't get Resource Timing details for cross-domain. cc @TheASF
Chrome for iOS (M36+) now advertises "image/webp" in Accept header - woot. WebP support on iOS since M29:
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SF EdgeConf ( Sept 20ᵀᴴ is shaping up to be a powerful event. Schedule:… Register for a seat!
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Thanks to @blakecrosby for pointing out @igrigorik's amazing book chapter laying out how the hell HTTP/2 works:…
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Come hear @igrigorik talk about preconnect, preload & prerender. @SFWebPerf Aug 19 7pm at @Neustar:…
good article (and discussion) on delivering "critical CSS" for progressive page rendering:
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Registration for WebPerfDays #Amsterdam is now open! Get your ticket at
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Holy crap balls @fastly is awesome. Just goofing around and already cut response time in half.
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Mr @lukew's "UX for Mobile" youtube playlist is gold:… Optimizing for input, varied screen size, navigation… A+
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