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Might watch @alterbridge live at wembley again. That show looked amazing!
This latest episode of ghost adventures has to be the most bonkers one I've seen so far!
Watching @alterbridge live at wembley!! 💕 totally amazeballs!!
Many astrologers believe #Libra is the most desirable sign to be because Libra represents the high point of the Zodiac.
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I'm a wizard with a sword. I'm rebelling, I don't need a wand :3 #ha!
Yay for Heath potions :3 #diablo3
Sneeze seriously needs to make it's mind up about if it's coming out or staying in
Stupid sneeze won't come out! :/
The clouds are seriously pissing me off today! Stop hiding the sun! :3
Thanks to the dude who gemmed up my weapon on diablo :3
Always nice to wake up to the sun shining on your face :)
My plan is to have the biggest lazy day ever!
@BradMaddoxIsWWE It's true! Everyone in the UK DOES love you! We've even put you above tea on our most loved things!
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This witch doctors got the most amazing rainbow sword! #Jealous #Diablo
Can't explain to you how much I love apple tango right now! :)
Might actually have some luck star gazing tonight yippee! :3
Almost head butted a butterfly.
Love the white poofy clouds! They look so soft :3
Just started watching cold justice. Some of the crimes they have on here are so tragic
You can always trust Pongo to look so enthusiastic about life...
This book is so massive it's ridiculous! Doesn't help much that I suck at chemistry too lol :3
Shame the stars are out. I could do with gazing at them for a while
Gonna go and chomp on pizza. Just 'cause why not! 😛
Actually, I think the trees are pink 😆#AnimalCrossingg
Chillin' in my little town I animal crossing :3 there's purple trees! #Cute
All patched up and ready to enjoy a sunny Thursday. :)
Got to love the sunshine we're having so far! AMAZING! :3
Wish my auto correct would stop correcting the word think to honk
Jerry springer makes things so much more hilarious
Super tired today! So much stressing me out at the moment it feel like my brains going to explode!
Finished the assignment. Time to play a bit of diablo :)
You've got to love jerry springer :3
That split of steal bit at the end of that golden balls programme is probably the best bit.
"Science has no room for ghosts" how, as a scientist, can you say something so closed minded?! #Ridiculous!
Watching bizarre unexplained alien encounters. Why not eh :D
Haven't listened to the Rasmus in ages. Forgot how amazing they are!
Watching the netherworld. I love Zak Bagans but why must he speak so slow! Maybe I'm just impatient #GA
Xbox live seems to be on the super slow for me today.
I swear the more tired I am, the more bonkers my dreams get.
My auto correct is everywhere tonight!
Got my psychic (hopefully) and hopefully this doesn't turn out too awkward. I need to be more people friendly
Yes! I think I've found myself a psychic!
Okay, after today I'm changing my netflix password!
Thank goodness it's Saturday.