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Savannah Skyyy
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I had to make a new twitter so go follow me for random and pointless tweets 👌
♥ Me + Dan Howell + My Family + Phil Lester - My Family = Happiness ♥
Hello, Twitters! ♥_♥ Thank you for welcoming me with open arms! It feels great to fit in with the crowd c: #MyFirstTweet
I made my hair look red because why not? 🙊 Happy Father's Day!
✌️💕 I can't be your superman, but for you I'd be super human 💕✌️
💋😊 Finished product! 😊💋
Whoops look what I did 😁
First part of the process is complete! 😁 How's it look??
💕🚬 I know I let you down 🚬💕 💕🚬 And though you say 🚬💕 💕🚬 The days are happy 🚬💕 💕🚬 Why is the power off 🚬💕 💕🚬 And I'm screwed up? 🚬💕
😜☀ Time for artsy summer pictures to begin ☀😜
💖😊 Do you have a twitter? Because... Follow me 😊💖
Jamiee's kitten is so precious!!! 😍❤😍❤😍❤
This is what I like to do in the mornings when everybody else is getting ready 👍
Hold my breath as you're moving in. Taste your lips and feel your skin. When the time comes, baby don't run. Just kiss me slowly 😘💕
Whiskey princess, drink me under, pull me in 👸
Cassie made me do my makeup 😂👌 But her brother's birthday party is today! Celebrate! 🎉
Why'd you only call me when you're high? 😙💨
Just gonna leave this here... I can't believe I used to look like that (/.\)
Happy birthday to me!! 💕 #birthday #swag #sws #yolo
I love these, I'm keeping them forever. Sorry, Taylor.
Last one I swear. Call me crazy but I made him sign my phone and my shirt because I love him 💕
Drunk in love, am I right?? *eyebrow raise* huh? 💕
I'm running out of captions so just take my hearts 💕💕💕
*breathes heavily* 💕💕💕💕💕
I apologize for the upcoming Kris Allen spam 💕
The sun says good morning, but I say no.
There's two sides to me that you'll never know 💕
Bring out the worst in me, somehow you do it the best 🙊💕
People sometimes ask me if I do drugs. Do I look like I do drugs? 😜
I've been at the Point of Grace church for a little over 4 hours sorting all the donated clothes for the needy. I may or may not have stolen this cute rubber duck onesie 🙊💕💕 It's 1:30 in the morning guys
100% regret is coming my way because I'm uploading this o-o Enjoy it #thriller #ohscary
💕 She said that she was born with a flower and I was born with a butterfly and that flowers and butterflies need each other to live 💕
💕 When did the diamonds leave your bones? 💕
✨ Just crash, Fall down. I'll wrap my arms around you now. Just crash, it's our time now to make this work second time around ✨
Dancin' with my Manila Moonpies! 😊
💕 You call me up, it's like a broken record. You're saying that your heart hurts, that you'll never get over him getting over you 💕
Kiss me like you wanna be loved 💕💕
Wouldn't it be nice if we were older and we wouldn't have to wait so long?
I would like to do a throw back early because I'm a rebellious teenager so I'm the chubby munchkin in the green dress (my fashion sense was amazing)
Living with my insecurities #LIV #ss
Last day of school for about nine days lets get excited! Throw a party! Don't do drugs children (I know that's what most of you people do) Now, while you all go do that stuff, I'll just sit on tumblr for most of the week yayyyy
I'm bisexual :D Do with that information what you will. Why am I saying this? Why did I hide it for so long? Hard to say. People are looked down upon when they admit to being anything but straight. So I never told anybody. But now I'm realizing that I honestly don't care what anybody says about me a
Can I be cool now?? ^-^ Hipster meeee
Did I judge you when you got your haircut? Don't judge me for getting my hair cut. That's ignorant 😊👍 Btw I just really like this picture idk man
- say something, I'm giving up on you - 💕💕💕