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Nyo Schwachöfer
I just supported Katie Hopkins Say Sorry ! on @ThunderclapIt // @Kevin_Healey
Teacher Throws Autistic Second Grader Away in Trash Can Like Garbage as Punishment -…
Brain & Behavioral Differences Found Between Autistic Girls & Boys -…
Inclusive Playgrounds Matter for ALL Kids -…
Large Study Finds MMR Vaccine Doesn't Cause Autism, And May Lower Autism Risk -…
4 days left and over one million will see the petition but she won't say sorry! #katiehopkinssaysorry2autism…
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Katie Hopkins: make a public apology too the Autism community… #katiehopkinssaysorry2autism
Teacher charged for putting child with autism in trash -…
Family Kicked Off Flight For "Disruptive" Girl With Autism -…
How can anyone understand Autistic people and Autism in general when professionals even can't do it for themselves?, tell me that!
I say @APAPsychiatric should apologize to every single autistic child and adult showing up in the news for being mistreated!
Why can't they even judge for themselves they failed? You made the lives of Autistic people worse, not the autistic people themselves!
I say screw you to American Psychiatric Association and their DSM V! You want to help? then do it like you should! do not make it worse!
anyone when we do not dare to judge the persons responsible for all that?
We see messages everywhere now about people with Autism being bullied, misjudged, misunderstood and mistreated, however, how can we judge
The lack of understanding has now hit the health care too and is pretty much destroying everything...
happened at all. We were once able to get a bit of respect from doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, however that is gone now too!
away the general sense of anything. DSM 5 is already in use for a +/- a year here, but I can just say I would rather to never have it
don't even get the help like we should as there is just a lack of what we really have. It is easy to learn from books, but now it has taken
It was already annoying to have general society acting like we were stupid and less in every single way possible, however now we
So called "Professionals" that only know Autism/ASD as one way, making them unable to see it in any other way then that!
We were already labeled as soon as we got any of the diagnoses, this still happens, however now we got another problem added to it all
Think again please!! There already was too many people who didn't understood Autism in general, now with the ASD diagnosis it is only worse!
To those who say DSM V and the removal of the removal of diagnoses( like Asperger's, PDD-NOS, CCD and Classical Autism) is a good thing,
I could not even watch 1 minute... This needs a share as it may let people understand me and others with autism!…
Hinchingbrooke Hospital must pay out millions to girl, 7, who was left severely disabled -…
State Seizes 10 Children From Family's Rural Home After This Anonymous Tip -…
One of the very few times I will share a specific objective of a specific cause. Sharing as I care about this! @Happychildfund
Стрюк Мария, 5 лет - острый т-лимфобластный лейкоз…
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"BBC Global iPlayer is permanently closing" :(
It is nighttime here, however that doesn't mean it will go silent here... Time to tweet a bit again. ;)
Turkey says 'nothing justifies' Russia policy ahead of NATO talks
Barbara Boxer, Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye,, Barack Obama: Stop Jasmijn's hostage crisis in ...… via @Change
@Vivie_Bella signed and reshared! I am autistic myself and sadly know life with Autism is already hard enough thanks to society... -_-
Federal Department of Transportation: Make Air Travel Safer For People With Autism And Service Dogs.… via @Change
TY RT @AdoptedWithLove RT @AmericaAdopts Whether your children are yours through biology or adoption they are yours..
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After second earthquake, women & children in #Nepal need support now more than ever. Donate:
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Ananta Bijoy Das is 3rd blogger killed in Bangladesh this year, just for exercising free expression. Authorities must hold killers to acct.
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Stephanie, 3, receives #polio vaccine in a nationwide vaccination campaign in #Liberia, via @UNICEF_Liberia
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2nd major #NepalEarthquake has struck. UNICEF is on the ground supporting children & families - help now @unicefusa
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Child's play or something else? Find out in @WorldVision's new video 'What Happens Next?' #Stopatnothing
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