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Nyo Schwachöfer
My followers live in USA (38%), Netherlands(9%)... Get your free map too:!FlyingFeather…
My followers live in USA (38%), Netherlands(9%)... Get your free map:!FlyingFeather…
#FollowFriday @AnxietyUK @ANOWRT @joannefritz top Influencers this week! Have a great weekend :) (insight by
My followers live in 110 countries: USA(38%), Netherlands(9%)...!FlyingFeather… Get your free map!
I have 39 new followers from Sweden, and more last week. See!FlyingFeather…
@maria_engstrom I once had contact with someone I thought to be telling the truth, it seems he/she lied, however now they judge me over it.
@maria_engstrom once I made the donation and I send you evidence, could you ask @silver_stacker @LipovskyMichal and @Sevodnay to be nice? ;)
@silver_stacker So unless you are going to tell me @ANOWRT is fake, which I don't think you will, could you stop spreading lies about me?
@silver_stacker I can't however change my past, I can change my future, which is exactly why I will make that donation to @ANOWRT!
@silver_stacker I hate that you dislike me for showing support to someone who I believed to be telling the truth, as that is all I did.
@silver_stacker I do not, I do not care about politics like I said to @ANOWRT, so why I would be unsupportive to Russia is unknown to me...
@silver_stacker if you want to be shown evidence, want a screenshot once I made the donation? @maria_engstrom @ANOWRT
@silver_stacker as for the Russian + Ukrainian, I believe he was the one I got told about that he got help by others to use English online.
@silver_stacker that is months ago, I have forgotten him apparently, I doubt anyone can remember everything.
@silver_stacker I could fight all I want, in the end it wouldn't help, I will help what I support, which in my case is @ANOWRT her fight.
@silver_stacker Okay, if you think I am, so be it I suppose, still going to donate to the project @maria_engstrom send me though. @ANOWRT
@ANOWRT @maria_engstrom this did get me thinking, I am going to look into which Dutch charity supports Russian children to support them. :)
@ANOWRT @maria_engstrom however if RT is said to be bad over being at Russia, that is pretty stupid, as we can disgrace US media same way.
@ANOWRT @maria_engstrom about RT I can only say I never heard about you, but I am not that interested in politics, that might be the reason.
@ANOWRT @maria_engstrom Thank You! I will make a donation at the 23th or 24th, mainly to help the organization, look like they do great work
In verschillende delen van het land staken zelfstandige pakketbezorgers van PostNL voor de tweede dag op rij:
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De Koerdische militie YPG rekruteert nog steeds kindsoldaten, ondanks de belofte dat niet meer te doen, zegt HRW:
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Een luchtballon, een zeearend en de Veluwe. Spectaculaire beelden uit Gelderland:
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@silver_stacker might I however ask where all these questions are coming from, is there any reason?
@silver_stacker it is by @Driestroom in case you want to check, I highly doubt you can find anything against them...
@silver_stacker who are here in shifts making me get assisted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, let me know, I will send the contact info...
@silver_stacker sleeping centre called 'Kempenhaeghe' at the town called 'Heeze', if you know someone who is Dutch and want to ask the ones
@silver_stacker They can confirm I haven't been online most of the time lately due to sleeping problems which are researched by a Dutch
@silver_stacker not in the way he/she is now, no. I live at a assisted living facility here at The Netherlands, everything can be confirmed.
It was amazing weather a few days back, this cat seemed to love it too! Photos taken at Arnhem, The Netherlands.
@maria_engstrom @ANOWRT any chance for information about 'our sunny world' in a more understandable writing way? I would like to know more.
@maria_engstrom I will read it and check it out, thank you! @ANOWRT
@silver_stacker as for everything else, would like to request to be not involved with @WhiteCalmth, @snowcalmth or whatever account he has!
@silver_stacker You can verify me, However that @WhiteCalmth that was created I do not know!
Kids happy to be back at school supported by @Tearfund @decappeal in temp classes. Old school has been condemned.
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.@PlanEU is taking over the #EYD2015 account this week! Stay tuned for updates about issues inc. #GenderEquality #Disasters #Education #UBR
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Paper Towns | Featurette 'Story' OV | 30 juli 2015 in de bioscoop
2 months after his release from a #CAR armed group, this is what 16-year-old Jonathan had to say
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"I am wearing my EID earrings today as I might not be alive when EID comes" Ammal, 5, #Yemen. @UNICEF_Yemen
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Syrische kinderen in gevaar als gevolg van waterschaarste en hitte:… Via @nytimes
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TV Show Special voor UNICEF gemist? Bekijk de uitzending hier terug:…
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You ARE unrepeatable! Embrace the MAGIC that is YOU! ❤ Free2Luv #Free2BeYOU
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I have 91 new followers from Spain, Ireland, and more last week. See!FlyingFeather…
@BlessedAtWorld when you wake up:… Happy you actually shared it, it's an amazing video, so thank you kindly!

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