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Sophia Yap ❀
we're catching lightning in a bottle
imessage on mac tho aw yis
exhausted just by looking at my sched tomorrow 💀
Happy Birthday @michitanada! Hope you're having an amazing one!! 🎉🎈
✈🇨🇳 in a week!
Happy Birthday @biancatanega !! Hope you're having the best day!! 🎉
Little Rascals again 😂 ahh new favorite
first live snapchat with @TotallyAllie !! missed you too!! 🐰🐱
snapchat: sopyaa
unplanned sleepover 🙈🙉🙊💕
sunburnt again 😦
Happy Birthday @liliprad !! Hope you're havin' a great one! :) 🎉
mom: sit down and have your midnight cereal now it's not even midnight yet and ?????
Rockwell with dad 👨
Happy Birthday @beatreescampos !! Hope you have a great day!! 🎉
"@BestofPisces: #Pisces can never put their emotions in words, they use music to explain their feelings." rly feelin most of these tweets 🙋
Happy Birthday, prep classmate @alipvo !! Hope you have the bestest day!🎈
Happy Birthday @ysacort :) Have a great day ahead! 🎉
🍕 and nothing but good news & good vibes
back to training starting tom 👊 bye bye, ankle brace
favorite sky colors yesterday ⛅😍
finally reached the 2048 tile yesterday 😎
12 hour road trip 🚗
ihop at century city 😋
dad's souvenirs ☺
Happy Birthday @Ohheyitskish !! Hope you have a great day ahead!! 🎉
last minute plans with @biancabraza 💘
im sticking to americas next top model from now on lol
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"@bettinapayawan: WHY NOT KATARINA OR JODILLY" !!!
Happy Birthday @biancasempra !! 🎉
there's nothing wrong with knowing what you want
craving for some frozen yoghurt
can't do anything without ankle support 😅
holy crap it's not a sprain, it's a fracture
watched The Princess Bride ☺ ahhh so nice
“For a second there, I forgot how fortunate I really am.” — @johnmaine
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can't stay up late anymore 😶
that was so hard.. :(
Happy Birthday @mochaabear !! Hope you're having a great one! 🎈
love not listening to an album for a long time and then falling in love with it all over again
things going the way i want them to go haha hells yea
Congratulations, captains!! @janahernandez_ @biancaverr 💙 love you!
Congratulations, big sis! 💚@bherneeee