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It's a Wanderlust Thing
No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.
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Isles // Little Comets
That mid 8 in Symptoms // Atlas Genius tho
Binge watching Derek on 4oD, the 'tistic scene' episode 1 series 3 is just brilliant in every single way. Hats off to @rickygervais genius!
@MollyCastell I really wanna include a random year 7 for shiggles
@MollyCastell idk should we start a group chat on fb? Man, I've missed our group chats xD
It's like I'm being discouraged to revise... The frustration is huge, the words come silently
@MollyCastell here's another: Brilliant, what day are you thinking?
I've become obsessed with these six word stories xD
"I'd rather burn out than fade away"
QI XL is the best
So disappointed in myself -.-
How ace would it be to join the circus!
if i don't text u back within like 7 seconds i will forget to text u back for like a week so im very sorry about that
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@MollyCastell well I was kinda hoping next week not in 5926 years;) ;)
@MollyCastell I know yeah!;) oh what did the Nazis say about next week?
Hmm, might turn all Scene for college, just for shits and giggles
the thing that scares me the most is knowing that my exams start in exactly a month
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505 will always be one of my all time faves... no matter how many times it's played
It's gotta be Nirvana though hasn't it :)
You know it's going to be a tough day when you can't decide what band to listen to in the morning
@stxnerose totes seen it live;)
@_purplehazeee how's it going!? Sunny I hope!!! I've been great thanks! Just about to go to sleep though, it's nearly 1am here haha!
@_purplehazeee liv :))))) missed you! How was your holly wolly days?:)
@lucy_mace_ count your lucky stars. It's shit
@tonybishop2 it wanted a bit if a holiday. Apparently Skodas are nice accommodation #notreally ;)
The band room stinks tonight
When did Spotify get all sexy???
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started with good intentions to revise and ended with lying on my bed with guitar
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Bloodshake // Peaceā™”
Little Comets >> the 1975
Dead Famous DNA is the best thing to happen to me
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The Easter holiday isn't really a holiday at all. Its more of a solid block of revision doing because you're gonna be a failure if you dont
Just realised that 'mong' is a term for someone with down syndrome... Better change my twitter name...
My eyes now smell of dog shit
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Hahaha if anyone saw my bucket list... xD

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