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I don't talk to people with swag very often, but when I do I ask for a small fries
To the person randomely singing high school musical in the street outside my house, be my best friend?
My mother told me I should stop relating everything to batman. What a joker.
I love ben and jerry's so much it makes me so happy
I love Ben and Jerry's it makes me so happy
getting mistaken for your brother's girlfriend is just the most awkward thing
'You're more likely to win the lottery twice in a year than get killed by a shark twice in a year' My little sister is so insightful.
Chemically speaking, alcohol is a solution
I'm going to believe this for the sake of my childhood #vmaawards
Willow Smith is 12 and has had her tongue pierced, half her head shaved and is bi. She better go live with her auntie and uncle in Bel Air.
people who can't take a joke are just so annoying
Googled most fabulous picture ever - I was not disappointed.
The news is basically just someone saying 'Good Evening' and then giving a list of reasons why it's not
I put Red Bull in my coffee this morning and now my heart sounds like dubstep
I'm so naturally funny because my life is a joke
I hate it when I look in my wardrobe for clothes and find narnia instead
I hate it when someone says they don't like someone and then the next day are with them acting all buddy
I went thrift shopping before Macklemore made it cool. I'm not a hipster, I'm just poor.
'It's going to be so long before you get a boyfriend' Well thanks for pointing out my forever alone-ness, Sis.
I wish I could record my dreams and then each them when I woke up
I wait for my parents to get in a good mood before I ask them for something
Tangled is just such a great film