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☮ Sophie ☮
Perched @WetRepublic eating chicken and chips on the floor by mesel. Getting funny looks from the size 0s #IAmWhatIAm
Last night was something else. Amazing! #VegasIsInsane
Met @SophieKasaei_ at wet republic in Vegas yesterday and treated her to the worldie sandwich 😎�
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The only thing with a bit of colour on the menu. Food in America is fucking awful no wonder everyone is obese.
Getting wet at republic #VivaVegaaa
Hard as fuck scared of nowt #MGM
Cant wait for this stuff to come to the uk! @revivme cured all our hangovers and made us feel amazin!@IAMDRBEAUTIFUL
Vegas is fucked up. Got to get up in a few hours to go on a helicopter over the grand canyon should be canny 👍
Welcome to the diamond life....
We have sent client @SophieKasaei_ to @revivme in Vegas and now client @LateyshaValleys to @revivme in Miami #globalrejuvenation#IVdrips
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We are literally like tiny little ants in America.Never seen so many obese unhealthy monta ppl in my life.Feel so comfortable wit me gut out
There's no such thing as a hangover here in viva #Cure
Where is good on a Tuesday In Vegas? #Vegas
Snap backs and shades #VEGAS
Holding the heed and Stella
Happy Tuesday! #poolselfie
Blaming the way I feel on the jet lag #Vegas
@funkkychicken: Pretty sure I was just in a lift in Vegas with @SophieKasaei_ 😮” Iye 😃