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Why put "feeling fed up" on facebook but ask people not to ask you why...#whuut
Cranberry juice tastes disgusting today.
Caernarfon yn atgoffa fi o Balamory weithia'.
Ngl but I find coleslaw spicy.
I'm so hungry, but it's nearly midnight so food is a no no.
Canny wait for the girls night out on saturday
The c word makes me feel physically sick.
Spent less than £30 in the past 3 days...for me that's really good.
“can u not” has been my mental response to almost everything that happens these days
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Just found out I'm allergic to my favourite shampoo:( #GoodbyePanteneProV
If you start the conversation atleast have the decency to reply to me...
Not even worth using Arriva buses most of the time #fuming
I know I'm really judgemental but chavs really do get on my nerves!
There's 2 women on the bus bitching about he fact their dentist's are polish. #ihateracism
Am I the only person that gets about 300+ emails a day? #frustrating
Gahhhh I love this song <3
I can't watch Man V Food without getting hungry.
No such thing as a lie in bed if you have younger siblings #gawsh
All I need is a chance to do something great. –Chicken Little
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