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Apologies to anybody that's had to spend time with me today �#badmoodd
Long day ahead 😦
I'm nearly 19 years old and I've just had to phone my mum to double check how to cook pasta #ohdear
Fed up with this now 😔👎
Sleeping off this hangover was a good idea 👍
Hungover doesn't even cover it 😧
Drunk my bodyweight in alcohol and had a mcdonalds 2 days in a row and somehow managed to lose 5lbs #winning 😁
Drinking 2ltrs of water and sleeping for as many hours as possible and then hopefully I'll be sober enough to show my face in work tomorrow.
Better yet, Costa Coffee 👌#perfectt
4 and a half hours sleep and a long day today #redbullneeded
Ready for tesco's got talent tomorrow #kmn 😞
So hot in here even with air con 😖
Just had Jehovah's witnessess at my door asking why bad thungs happen to good people 😑#tooearlyforthiss
Think i'm packing way too much for just one night #oops 😂
Only half done but screw it I'm going to bed 👍#packingsuckss
3 weeks today 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Looking forward to another heat of the Welsh Factor on Saturday @CaraDrama @Sophie_LouiseR #welshfactor
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Need to start making better decisions for myself.
20 pairs of shoes and 2 binbags of clothes later, my wardobe is all sorted 👌#somuchcrapp
I either eat nothing or eat everything there is no inbetween
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Why am I wearimg a scarf when it's sunny? #didntthinkthisthrough
I think anyone who has me on snapchat must hate me tonight #soz #toomanysnaps
Anytime my family are involved with anything I end up being late.