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So why don't you ask them out? — I don't want a bf right now
Why don't you have a bf? — I'm too busy to have one right now
Have you got snapchat ?yes / no and I'll dm you mine if you do x — Yes
but i don't believe you don't hv a bf yet — I don't
would people know how many followers i have on ask fm? im new you see — No only you can :)
Im thirsty asf, lemme taste you ;) — No thanks
I just wanted to say hello... Hello! — Hi
Is there anyone that you like atm? — No
cool I am to ur my type of girl:) — Aww thats good :)
u like the french boys? — Oui Oui :)
When is the last time you told somone you love them? — Can't remember
When u said you don't like anyone on twitter that hurt my feelings cause I like you — But I don't know you?
Do you miss anyone right now? — No
Not a question, more of a statement. You are truly beautiful. — Thank you
Do you taste as good as you look? — Even better
Do you like anyone in twitter? — Not really
what do u think about ciara & future — She's to good for him
your beauty is on a star :) live a good life — Thanks I will :)
you are smoking hot and i can't believe that you follow me — Well believe it because I do :D
you ever met someone with a foot fetish — Nope
You're awesome — Thanks and so are you :)
Would you pick brains or beauty? — Brains, there's nothings more attractive then a smart guy with ambition <3
Pues Dm please ill sweet talk you everyday ! :D — If I knew who you were I would ?
Your the type of girl id get married with and grow old ... — Lol that's so sweet <3 but I don't know who you are :(
Do you prefer white, black, or hispanic men? — It's a hard choice because I prefer them all