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*mum on being pissed & forgetting things*: 'I honestly think I had a stroke
When someone mistakes your kindness for romantic interest...
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stick a fork in me for I am DONE
can't BELIEVE johnny depp exists I can't BELIEVE IT
I might HAVE to have cumberbatch (being sick @ myself)
juanny depp IMPALE THEE
ket magic n a selfie
I always overthink myself into the worst scenarios
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*passive aggressive mom dramatically putting away dishes and denying help*
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wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy
Timothy Spall, always smiling, always laughing
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yeah maybe in titanic after he decomposes slowly at the bottom of the ocean while sea creatures nibble at his flesh…
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The bedroom inside of my head is such a mess again.
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Im a crispy baby.... But Im also daddy
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White people in movies be having eggs, bacon, and pancakes on the table & they take one sip of coffee & be like "Gotta run hun" NIGGA WHAT?
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@alexanderjervis at least I don't have to empty my bottom jaw every time it rains
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I've never related to Tim Burton more
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ben wishaw in london spy is fuckin AMAZE
trying to find a monologue for camera makes me depressed to see the lack of important female roles in film:(
just dreamt I was getting high & eating trifle with dustin hoffman WHY DID I HAVE TO WAKE UP
but this is me?!!?!
basketball diaries all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy…
i have honestly never hated anyone or anything more than @itsmasonnoise COCKY FUCKING ARSEHOLE
I miss being 15 and unemployed and my biggest worry being who will buy my alcohol and shaving my legs every week for PE
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This makes me feel physically sick. We're at war with dehumanised monsters. It's time the world's leaders DID something. Fast. #paris
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the world is fucked
it's hard not to lose faith in humanity when this horrific shit is happening & innocent lives are being lost
terrorists are terrorists regardless of race, religion or ethnicity
People have GOT to remember that terrorism ISNT a fuckin religion
so shocked at the current situation in Paris, my thoughts & prayers go out to all involved ❤️
everybody hypin bout vs models & I'm like yh nice but have y'all ever SEEN SCARLETT JOHANSSON
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Joe Pesci and Macauley Culkin at a Home Alone 2 party
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My. Mind. Needs. An. Off. Switch. 💭
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*overthinks everything*
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