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matthew mcconaug--HEY!! TAKE OFF UR PANTS!
Being an adult is actual shite get me back to year 4
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me when I favorite other people's twitter conversations:
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One thing I've learned is that life is highly unpredictable, and it's better to just go with the flow rather than try to plan everything out
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cant wait to be chillin in san fran man 🌞
can't get my head around pumpkin spice & HOW in the name of sweet jESUS ITS EDIBLE/DRINKABLE
lowkey hate the term lowkey
only goal in life rn is to be genuinely happy
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just gotta let go & accept the painfully obvious fact that this aint my year
how we treat physical illness vs how we treat mental illness
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insomnia ain't my friend
Wait for the right timing of things instead of forcing the flow
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Spallophobia: Fear of (or things relating to) Timothy Spall
depressed bc I feel like I've seen all the good films & there's nothin left
My first night out and someone showed me their dick and sack twice. I can die happy.
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*Literal meaning: To have an ass full of noodles. #frenchwords
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The Basketball Diaries, 1995.
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i'm a ball of negativity RN I H8 FLU SEASON
i hate being ill maynnnn all i do is lay in bed and think of all the dumb as shit things I've done & will probably continue to do
'ours is not to question why, ours is but to do & die'
'what are you doing with ur life?'
sometimes I'll trip & idek what I'm trippin' for. I'm just so used to shit going bad, idk how to act.
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fucking hell i cannot get over the fact that the #UCCShooting was the FOURTY FIFTH school shooting in america THIS YEAR ALONE
contentment is the killer of dreams. never settle for "ok" or "decent" theres so much more to life when you stop accepting the "average" way
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everyones shitting themselves about islamic extremism yet overlook the terrorism thats constantly happening under their noses #UCCShooting
it actually makes me sick it shouldn't be that easy to get a gun
so how many more mass shootings need to fuckin happen before america sorts out their gun laws?? #UCCShooting
Hugh (daddy) Laurie
nobody can believe I'm mixed race, not even me
art foundation is full to the brim of talentless and hideously unstylish miltons
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low on self esteem so u run on gasoline
James Dean working on his art.
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de niro in cape fear is a bit of a daddy & i hate myself for this

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