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Southern Perfection
Did you know? Dry Erase Coating comes in clear gloss which can be applied to any paint color. #interiorpainting
Painting Tip: Dealing With Molds/Mildew On Bathroom Walls Look into specialized paints that can deal with...
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Blog Hop: Mixing Paint Colors and Patterns
Cool colors are associated to bars and cafes while warm colors best fit in restaurants. #interiorpainting #painting
It is not written in stone that you only use one color. Be creative. This is your chance to stamp your...
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House painters, see to it that the paint colors applied in every part of the house complement with the theme.
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Determining the most appropriate color scheme on surface walls is essential. #interiorpainting #housepainters
To date, 2-in-1 walls can also be designed in classrooms and even general offices. #interiorpainting
Keep in mind that few thin coats in long, even strokes will always yield a better result than a single thick coat.
Applying the paint always begins on surface areas where the morning sunshine is directed. #housepainters
Spray painting works best when doing exteriors or if you plan to paint a large area or a number of structures.
Commercial Painting: Local painting contractors usually recommend Sherwin-Williams Dry Erase Coating. #painters
Store leftover paint with the can upside down so a tight seal around the lid will be created. #paintingtip
Exterior commercial painting should always be done on temperate weather conditions. #exteriorpainting #exteriors
Residential Painting Design: Paint Colors and the Ombre Effect #interiorpainting #homeimprovement
Lime paint, a low-cost type of paint made from calcium hydroxide, and chalk is a good choice for kids' rooms.
Paint colors applied in retails establishments are what usually attracts people. Warm colors are attention-getters.
The actual shade of White, along with other neutral colors, is dependent on the kind of light used in the area.
Residential Painting: The Focal Point Exterior House Painters Consider #housepainters #exteriorpainting
Interior Residential Painting: Paint Colors on Stairway Railings #interiorpainting #housepainters
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Choosing the colors for your home’s facade can be as difficult as picking those for the inside. #exteriorpainting
The decision-making does not end with choosing the paint color and design. What's the best finish?
Commercial Painting 2-in-1 Surface Walls: A Job for Interior Painters #interiorpainting
Business owners may go for contrasting colors that play on emotions in a highly competitive biz. #exteriorpainters
Colors add dimension and character, and even accentuate your home’s assets and tone down flaws. #housepainters
Natural paint may not carry the colors you want for your kid’s room, use it as a neutral background instead.
Are you aware that exterior residential painting in fall is a smart way to obtain great savings from your painting contractor?...
Thinking of what you have to deal with when you start that painting job is stressful enough isn’t it?
Gym owners may go for colors that bars and restaurant owners may not find suitable for their place of business.
Residential Home Painting: Designs and Paint Colors on the Fifth Wall #housepainters #interiorpainting
Light shades of Blue and Green are often preferred to create the ambiance of class rooms. #interiorpainting
Residential home painting the wall surfaces entails precision and diligence. These are common traits interior...
Neutral colors in commercial painting are often applied to interior surface walls as these have positive effects.
Residential Painting: Creating a Lasting Impression to Your House #residentialpainters #exteriorpainting
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Commercial Painting in White: The Perspective of Interior Painters #interiorpainting #interiorpainters
Everything homeowners need to know will be tackled at SPPI, be it about the ombre effect or other designs.
Homeowners take delight as they realize that the cost of painting a house they paid is worth it – and even more!
If you are in the vicinity of Atlanta, you can plan a stopover to visit Southern Perfection Painting Inc.
Temperature should consistently be between 45 to 80 degrees for the paint to cure properly such that it lasts longer.
How do the homeowners plan & proceed with residential painting mix-match? #housepainters #painting
Professional exterior painters are well-informed about the painting services they have to do. #exteriorpainting
There are various ways on how this particular residential painting design is perceived by homeowners. #housepainters
Exterior Commercial Painting: Cold Weather and Exterior Painters #exteriorpainting #exteriorpainters