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Southern Perfection
Repairing control joints as maintenance: Keeps the property walls intact, #contractors #housepainters
An essential commercial painting procedure and maintenance is caulking exterior walls. #commercialpainters
Coral from red and orange: Brings in the atmosphere by the sea at the onset of the rising of the sun....
Color blocking or washing, as well as stenciling can definitely add spice to your home. #housepainters #exteriors
We can help make your painting dreams a reality. Contact us at 770-985-3075 or visit our website:
Commercial Painting Services: Essentials in Caulking Exterior Walls #commercialpainters #exteriorpainting
House Painting & Renovation News is out!… Stories via @templeofvintage
Preparation is one of the secrets in achieving a successful painting job. #exteriorpainting #painters
The cost of commercial painting services using elastomeric coating is almost the same with regular commercial paints.
Pressure Washing: Tips from Proficient Commercial Painters #exteriorpainting #commercialpainters
Property owners are keen on painting their building.Primary concern: protect the exterior of their building.
Using a wire brush, scrape off those peeling paint. Sand, prime and paint! #housepainters #paintingtip
What to do since natural paint may not carry the vivacious colors you may want for your kid’s room? #interiorpainting
Flat achieves a matte finish that does not reflect light, thus reducing wear and tear, making it ideal for walls.
When you’ve decided on the best method for you, it’s time to think about what color to paint your home or business.
Natural paint may not carry the colors you want for your kid’s room, use it as a neutral background instead.
Hydrophobic characteristic: This feature of elastomeric acrylic wall coating excludes water molecules...
A smaller room that has a lot more elements in it entails a longer time to paint than a larger but bare or open area.
Updating the facade of an older home brings up one question: do I stay true to history or should I update the look?
Nowadays, homeowners have become resourceful about home ideas published in magazines or from the web. What is...
Primers do what paint cannot - bond problem surfaces to achieve that flat surface when you start painting.
Clay paint, made from earth-based minerals, this type gives your home that earthy look & feel. #housepainters
Are you contemplating on shaking up your outdated kitchen? Good idea. #interiorpainting #paintingtip
House Painting & Renovation News is out!… Stories via @MinisinkDebbie