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Robert Barhite
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Last time Scott Walker built something, he hit his head and got his bald spot. What could go wrong building a wall? @devilradio @SpudLovr
I believe Scott Walker's head has been crushed @SpudLovr @devilradio
Scott Walker has done so much flip flopping he's qualified to be head cook at an IHOP @devilradio @SpudLovr #recallwalker
Scott Walker has changed more campaign positions than there are in the Karma Sutra @devilradio @SpudLovr #recallwalker Poor Scott Walker. Maybe reality is starting to dawn on him @devilradio @SpudLovr
Jan Michelson of WHO Radio wants illegal aliens to become gov't property. He wasnt joking. Angry? Call 515-245-8900 @devilradio @SpudLovr
A state rots from the top down. The clock is ticking... #recallwalker @devilradio @SpudLovr
Scott Walker. Master campaigner. @devilradio @SpudLovr
While you're getting school supplies be sure to get extra pens for #recallwalker this November @devilradio @SpudLovr
God lord, it's Mitchell! My Android just barfed @devilradio
You are either with me, or against Wisconsin families. #recallwalker @devilradio @SpudLovr
I'm ready. Hope y'all kept you sings too!
I'm ready for Recall 2.0. Are you? @devilradio @SpudLovr
Keep calm @devilradio Feingold needs as much $ as possible even though he's up. Any leftover can be spread out at the state level next fall.
Wow whoever this Mitchell dude on @devilradio is a tool. 100 ft tall border fence? Bringing illegals over to vote? Put down the peyote.
Of course Ron Johnson wont take any pledge limiting big money. His campaign is run by Flywheel, Sheister, & Flywheel @SpudLovr @devilradio
In Iowa, Scott Walker is about as popular as a stick of oleomargarine at a butter convention @devilradio @SpudLovr
In Iowa, Scott Walker is now as popular as the Confederate flag, Bill Cosby, and The French Disease @devilradio @SpudLovr
Do you have a Summit Credit Union ATM card? If so watch your balance daily. Their ATM cards are continuously being compromised.
Why is Iowa windy? Because Donald Trump blows and Scott Walker sucks @devilradio @SpudLovr
How the Wave of Social Media Marketing Created New Jobs?Visit: Please Retweet to spread words
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So Scott Walker deftly articulates his position using " lame." His middle name truly is " Mountain Dew " @devilradio @SpudLovr
In honor of @ScottWalker and his bid for president/extended self-destruction tour @devilradio @SpudLovr
Had Scott Walker fought in the civil war, he would have been given command of F troop @devilradio
WEDC: Just think of it as the change in the Koch Brothers sofa @devilradio
WEDC: How can you underwrite what's illegal @devilradio
Proposed WEDC slogans: WEDC, a subsidiary of SPECTRE @devilradio
Vicki McKenna has the cleanest talk radio show around because it's uncontaminated by facts @devilradio @SpudLovr
Three words for L.A.: San Andreas fault. #NewVikingStadium
The perfect name for Scott Walker's bald spot, based upon his involvement with WEDC: "Teapot Dome." @devilradio @SpudLovr
So what does the "TW" in @ScottWalker tweets stand for? Based on empirical evidence I'm thinking "Terribly Whimpy" #AnotherFail @devilradio
Scott Walker plans to campaign hard for president in all 53 states #ScottWalkerMathSkills @devilradio
It's hard to believe that man landed on the moon just 23 years ago #ScottWalkerMathSkills @devilradio
Iowa BFRO Expedition update: If the woods are a knockin'... Thanks to the big guys for a nice kickoff @FL_BFRO @BFRO_Updates
All packed for the 2015 Iowa BFRO Expedition starting April 23 @FL_BFRO @BFRO_Updates
The last time something sank as fast as Ron Johnson's fortunes, "Nearer My God to Thee" filled the night air @devilradio
Updated an 1800's campaign ditty for Scott Walker. "Ma, ma, where's my pa?" "Those court records are sealed son, ha, ha, ha!" @devilradio
FINDING BIGFOOT April ICM town mtg. Did you see Bigfoot within 2 hrs of Portland, ME? CONTACT:
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Walker college record?! He kept his bar tab receipts?! @SpudLovr
HA! MT @TheDailyEdge: Scott Walker demonstrates the technique he uses when cupping the Koch Brothers' balls #wiunion
Retweeted by Robert Barhite
Hope this keeps Scott Walker from being confused #NotLikely #wiunion @devilradio @SpudLovr
So @GovWalker is leading in Iowa. Thats because he really is an Idiot Out Wandering Around @SpudLovr @devilradio
If @GovWalker didn't know what's happening 25 feet from him as County Executive how will he know what's going on 2500 miles away as POTUS?
Hey @GovWalker get rid of pesky child labor laws because children should have the right to work 12 hours a day and lose a hand @SpudLovr

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