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Robert Barhite
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The perfect name for Scott Walker's bald spot, based upon his involvement with WEDC: "Teapot Dome." @devilradio @SpudLovr
So what does the "TW" in @ScottWalker tweets stand for? Based on empirical evidence I'm thinking "Terribly Whimpy" #AnotherFail @devilradio
Scott Walker plans to campaign hard for president in all 53 states #ScottWalkerMathSkills @devilradio
It's hard to believe that man landed on the moon just 23 years ago #ScottWalkerMathSkills @devilradio
Iowa BFRO Expedition update: If the woods are a knockin'... Thanks to the big guys for a nice kickoff @FL_BFRO @BFRO_Updates
All packed for the 2015 Iowa BFRO Expedition starting April 23 @FL_BFRO @BFRO_Updates
The last time something sank as fast as Ron Johnson's fortunes, "Nearer My God to Thee" filled the night air @devilradio
Updated an 1800's campaign ditty for Scott Walker. "Ma, ma, where's my pa?" "Those court records are sealed son, ha, ha, ha!" @devilradio
FINDING BIGFOOT April ICM town mtg. Did you see Bigfoot within 2 hrs of Portland, ME? CONTACT:
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Walker college record?! He kept his bar tab receipts?! @SpudLovr
HA! MT @TheDailyEdge: Scott Walker demonstrates the technique he uses when cupping the Koch Brothers' balls #wiunion
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So @GovWalker is leading in Iowa. Thats because he really is an Idiot Out Wandering Around @SpudLovr @devilradio
If @GovWalker didn't know what's happening 25 feet from him as County Executive how will he know what's going on 2500 miles away as POTUS?
Hey @GovWalker get rid of pesky child labor laws because children should have the right to work 12 hours a day and lose a hand @SpudLovr
Scott Walker is an unindicted co-conspirator #sleezeball
Pls retweet---> WISCONSIN: Rally to oppose #RightToWork at the Capitol Tues and Wed #1u @wisaflcio
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So @GovWalker is set turn turn WI back to the 1800s and make it a Right to Work For Less state @SpudLovr @devilradio @KennettDems
Scott Walker is the first "Know Nothing" presidential candidate since Millard Fillmore #DontInsultMillardFillmore @SpudLovr @devilradio
Now that Walker has reenacted Monty Python' cheese shop & twit show skits, watch him launch the Spanish Inquisition on the UW @devilradio
Um @GovWalker in order to punt one must have opposable thumbs. That's evolution @devilradio #125thTwitOfTheYearShow #LibertyBellMarch
Is Walker in London for the "125th Annual Twit of the Year Show?" @devilradio
And its not Right to Work. Its Right to Work for Less @devilradio
Focus the recall on Walker only which was the downfall last time, and stall it so its on 11/16 general election @devilradio
Help #CRYPTOZOOLOGY ~ Jan-Feb is stressing us out; little attendance. Help donate anything; we need $1240. Please RT
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'Thomas Paine and the Promise of America': Founding Father of the American Left - New York Times…
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I wonder if Mrs. Brady noticed that Tom was playing with under inflated balls.
I see Scott Walker is praying about running for president. Does God want an unindicted coconspirator to run? @devilradio
Merry Christmas and Happy Squatching!
Wisc. BFRO exped. was active with audio recordings. We even filmed participants reactions in the field in real time.
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I officially become an old man July 2015. My daughter is expecting our first grandchild and next generation Squatch investigator.
Is Jay Cutler a descendent of George Armstrong Custer, another quality leader? @VikingUpdate
Iowa BFRO 2015 expedition is now open. Dates are April 23-26. Check out the #bigfoot #bfro @FL_BFRO @BFRO_Updates
For the love of Wisconsin's future @WisDems it's time to dump Mike Tate ASAP #epicfail
6 of the 7 ppl who worked with Scott Walker in Waukesha Cty are in jail for electioneering and theft and Walker was clueless #comepletedork
"What we want is to make sure the other side doesn't vote." -Gordon Lang, a retired Whitefish Bay physician and Walker volunteer
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Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker's jobs promise: "250,000 is My Floor, Not My Ceiling." #wiunion #wiright
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Scott Walker Wisconsin Recall - Under Investigati…: @devilradio @ScottWalker
Giggle! @WisconsinStrong: Wake up, #WI. Seven ppl work in an office. Six charged and convicted of felonies. The 7th? Scott #Walker. #wiunion
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I think the only person that Team Walker hated more than me was Jim Doyle. #Walkergate
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Today I find out if @sprint @sprintcare keeps its word and a manager calls me back as promised. I'm not holding my breath #badservice
This is how right-wing media talked about Hispanics during Hispanic Heritage Month:
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If you dont vote on Nov 4. some crazy republican will get elected. It will be all your fault
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