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Robert Barhite
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New Orleans was fun and everyone was sympathetic that Wisconsin has such a crappy governor @devilradio @SpudLovr #recallwalker
I'm back @ScottWalker. Miss me? Let's get the recall going! @devilradio @SpudLovr #recallwalker
I bet Chris Christie wouldn't turn away a five year old Syrian refuge carrying box of delicious Dunkin Donuts! @devilradio @SpudLovr
Scouting locations where Walker will dump evidence of voter fraud next fall @devilradio @SpudLovr #recallwalker
New Orleans has gumbo down, but beer... @GrumpyTrollBrew @devilradio
Forget Walker and his fake promises. I'm chasing the green fairy @devilradio @SpudLovr #recallwalker
#morningjoe Hillary Clinton Calls For Universal Preschool for America’s Children…
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The door God just opened for Walker is the outhous door. Take a deep breath, Scottie. @devilradio @SpudLovr #recallwalker
Its good that Walker was born male otherwise he'd be in the family way because he can't say no to overspending campaign bucks @devilradio
Dammit @devilradio why are you reading Walker's letter begging for money while I'm driving? I'm lauhhing so hard nI had to pull over!
Is the Walker Administration inaction on Oscar Mayer revenge on Madison or incompetence? Either way #recallwalker @devilradio @SpudLovr
The Iranian Ayatollah clarified the "Death to America" chant. If used on Tuesdays its a royale fizzbin @devilradio @SpudLovr
Oscar Mayer is closing in Madison. Scott Walker's response? "I had something for this." @devilradio #recallwalker
Hey Mitchell, don't pick on union thugs! @devilradio
It's November, and who has their Walker Recall 2.0 Advent Calendar? The time is nigh! @devilradio @SpudLovr
This is only the beginning. We know everything. Expect us. #Anonymous #KKK #OpKKK
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#Vikings get stalled and the Blair Walsh 43-yard FG is good! The #Vikings take a 10-3 lead with 9:05 to go in Q2.
Retweeted by Robert Barhite
Touchdown Vikings! The closest Bear to Marcus Sherels was in the Brookfield Zoo @PAOnTheMic
The toughest question at next GOP debate will be "What color will you paint the Lincoln Bedroom?" Ben Carson will answer "8." @devilradio
Anyone who overdosed on weed in actuality overdosed on Ding Dongs @devilradio @SpudLovr
In Latin, Donald Trump is Baldus Assholus @devilradio @SpudLovr
Ever wonder what goes on in Ben Carson's mind... @devilradio @SpudLovr
How the BBC reported last night's GOP debate @devilradio @SpudLovr
I watched the GOP debate last night and whenever Ben Carson spoke I kept hearing this @devilradio @SpudLovr
Who won the GOP debate? Hillary, Bernie, and the pharmacy which provides Ben Carson his lithium @devilradio @SpudLovr
The "left" really is the middle and that's been the case for 30 years. The neocons make the John Birch Society look liberal @devilradio
@devilradio As some wise person said recently: We make Kansas feel good about itself. The Revenge of Scott Walker
Retweeted by Robert Barhite
It ain't a lie if you paid Voss to say it @devilradio @SpudLovr
This musical interlude is brought to by @ScottWalker poll numbers @devilradio @SpudLovr
Lets arm students! The most responsible AR15 owners are Chanel taking selfies in traffic and Biff beer bonging @devilradio
Didn't realize Walker was responsible for the nuclear football. Thought he was responsible for taking bribes.…
Imagine how much fun a recall election partered with the Nov 16 general election will be for Dems. Record turnout. @devilradio @SpudLovr
Want to make Vicki McKenna cry like some took away her Jim Beam? #recallwalker @devilradio @SpudLovr
Want a a governor who isn't an unindited co-conspirator? A governor whose staff isn't in jail? #recallwalker @devilradio @SpudLovr
What did The Minus 5 know in 2009 about Scott Walker @devilradio @SpudLovr
Tea Party virgin Bristol Palin can do whatever she wants and they cheer. Malia Obama can't do anything or the hypocrites whine about morals.
Retweeted by Robert Barhite
Tranquility Base here, the beer has landed @devilradio
Did anyone truly expect that @ScottWalker would repay Wisconsin for his 71 day ego trip? @devilradio @SpudLovr
Gov. Scott Walker says board wanted to accept Mickey Mouse, Hitler as valid signatures in recall… via @PolitiFactWisc
Scott Walker record = borrows money from future to meet state "balanced" budget law. Wishes same trick worked on campaign debt. @AJBayatpour
Retweeted by Robert Barhite
Best sounding guitar I've owned was a cheap 60's Japanese semi hollow body that I dropped Strat pickups into. It growled :) @devilradio
My drinking game are candidate names and my beverage is Belgian IPA (9.9% abv) so I'll be under the table in10 minutes @devilradio
The WI GOP is absolutely hiding crimes. That's the reason behind the war on GAB. Historic behavioral pattern. @devilradio @SpudLovr

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