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Sonic DaRapper
Women With Respect Ek Lief Those.Unlike Hoes After A Niggas Chadder Cheese
One ought to hold on to one's heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.
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If You Gat Twitter Thrown That UserName And Get A Follow.Long As You Gon Follow Back We Good.I Aint Asking For A...
The easiest way to keep people from getting involved in your personal problems is to not post them on the internet.
Before I Pass I Wanna Make My Ma Proud And Happy
Aint Nobody Can Take Me Down If It Aint God Himself.So You So Called Haters And Snitchies Can Suck An Elephant's...
Okay Correct Me If Im Wrong.When A Chick From The Hood Meets Her Township/Uptown Friends She Suddenly Act All...
I 'Em Think Again Like McCain Veg's
Money.Girls And Fashion Thats The Life Im Living This Far Side
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Reasons why ppl hate u for no reason: either broke, private parts stink, wish they had your life, or might be attracted to u.
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Black People Dont Usually Do The Trail Ish Thats A White Man Ish.Arrest A Black Person Take Him To Court Thats That.
Nobody Can Beat Me Worse Than I've Beaten MySelf Thats For Certain
The Worst Battle I Ever Fought Was Between What I Know And What I Feel :-(
People Who Talk With No Logic I Dislike Those
A spanking new Hit dropping tomorrow. JocStar ft Epic Fam - Fire
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Once I catch you in one lie, it makes me question everything you said.
No Matter How Busy A Person Might Be If They Love You They Will Always Make Time For You
The hardest decision is deciding whether to "walk away" or "try harder."
Might AsWell Read This Novel While Im In Bed — reading Love on the Menu
One Minute Im Good Then Seconds Later Im Laying On My Bed With My Body Shutting Down And Ish.Dzamn Im Ill Need Effing Doc' Aiyt Now