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Zachary Glines
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Think I blew my girlfriends mind when I taught her how the Army folds clothes.πŸ˜‚
I also got a 7 day ban from CS. Stupid shit.
Like $400 and so much time and my PC doesn't work. Jesus. I need you.
Finished my first ever custom built PC. Now to install everything and play some games. 😁v
Happy Halloween. Gonna just finish building my PC and play CS.
Time to build my PC 😁
When you mess with your router settings and make an entirely new wifi better then the other one. LOL WAT!?
Late night vibes after practicing the game. 🎢
Can't wait to show off my setup in a few months when it's complete 😁
Fun fact #1: @SamSwanson14 is really an African penguin. I low key tweet for her.
Can't wait to get my own apartment in a few months. Peace nerds. ✌️😁
Fuck this house. Shove the $300,000 up your fucking ass.
You come home and sleep on a school night he said. Really he means ignore me and suffer with nothing to do.
Give me good internet and a decent computer I bet I can go somewhere with CS.
Read This Book Loves You with BAE last night. Book is πŸ”₯οΏ½#theduckiscomingng
@BWWings with @Expathy and just got a large order of the hottest wings #Yolo pray for us #gaben
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I know the quality may suck, but if you could please support me I'd love your face forever.… 😭😭
"SUCK MY DICK" *blocked* LOL!πŸ˜‚E
Tonight was definitely a night to remember.
In all seriousness though, I'm gonna have a blast making YouTube videos w/ friends.
My first ever YouTube video I make, throw my headset because I get scared so bad. πŸ˜‚
Jesus Crust, these toast puns are hilarious
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I feel on top of the world when I'm in uniform.
Prayers go out to Lamar Odom and his family please God anything u can do to help him thru thisπŸ™
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Stay positive bros. πŸ‘ŠO
I got it! 😁
So we can watch Netflix in lunch detention. God I love this school. ❀️😘❀️😘❀️😘@Stormedgiantant
The UK police have announced Swegway's/Hoverboards are now illegal to use in public. -… -
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So I played Port of Call last night, free game on steam. I collected crayons for like 3 hours. My life πŸ˜‚
Well. Twitch doesn't work on my computer, I guess we shall try YouTube, perhaps our stupidness will guide us to that shiny golden button. XD
From something to nothing, just like last time.
It's only a dream until it happens to you. πŸ™
Gonna set up my steam and start streaming CS:GO
Me: Dad our wifi is trash. Him: Well, good night. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
So bored in class. I'm about to snort this hand sanitizer. Say I won't
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I'm 17, and I pay for life insurance. Currently unsure if I should be scared.
Oh bae πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚οΏ½ETlL
25 to 800 ping in CS:GO real quick. @CharterCom FIX MY INTERNET PLEASE LOVE.
0-100 really quick.
I'll go to one CoD event for BLOP3 and compete with all my friends, after that, I'll continue to support them from the stands. #dreams
Literally just saw a girl turn super Saiyan in the club! Lol
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