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The month-long mystery of a cosplay character's identity has been solved by Stephen Colbert.
The 14 funniest tweets we had time to find today.
Interpretive dancers let a 2-year-old be their choreographer, with adorably amazing results.
Miley Cyrus desecrated some Mexican flags by having dancers whip her fake ass with them.
This cat mumbles in its sleep every time his owner coughs.
A bunch of guys got bikini waxes so they could understand what women go through.
Man polls gay Scottish dudes about the independence vote using the dating app Grindr.
Happy Place Investigates: Should we be upset about Beyonce photoshopping her thigh gap?
A guy sent abusive messages to a girl on Tinder, so she contacted his mom on Facebook.
5 Things You Should At Least Pretend To Know Today - September 18, 2014
Burst water pipe turns basketball court into a hallucination.
This kitten is mesmerized by her own tail that she can't control.
A man robbed a store using only a banana. And he didn't even bring his own banana!
Amazing sex advice column might just determine the fate of the Scottish Independence vote.
Did Coke Zero just create the most disturbingly terrible panorama photo of all time?
Bartender gets revenge after she's groped by too many hedge funders. Dude makes it way worse.
This slow-mo video from a dog kissing booth will warm your heart, if it doesn't gross you out.
This black bear just wants to play on your backyard swing set since you're not using it.
This is not what you want to hear after you make a coyote call in the woods.
Passenger Shaming is the Instagram account the airline industry needs.
That time when Oprah grilled the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles about interspecies sex.
The 14 funniest tweets we had time to find today.
Man causes paranoid delusions in his roommate with wickedly clever Facebook prank.
Celebrities reveal the nuttiest things that fans often say to them.
5 Things You Should At Least Pretend To Know Today - September 17, 2014
ICYMI: A butterfly landed on a classical flautist's nose during a music competition.
Russian construction workers playing with jackhammers have a blast while getting nothing done.
So, the arrested Django Unchained actress was indeed having sex in her car with the door open.