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More and more money 💸#2015goalsls
There's going to be stress in life, but it's your choice whether to let it affect you or not.
Canadians are weird 😂😂😂😂
Dead Tuesday 😴
@NoahElmi_ lol bingo that is correct I've seen it 😂😂
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I'm getting money like I'm post to be
Normandale second semester 👌👌
My bank account right now 😄🔥🔥🔥
Drake got no chill
Snapchat // marvescurl
Crazy ass wedding 😂😂😂
We should help each other instead of competing with each other.
Jummah 👌
"Did you thank Allah for guiding you after you were lost? Or your too busy with sins to even ask for guidance? We are forever at lost."
Sometimes you gotta separate yourself
We are always 'dying'. A beautiful reminder.
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"How strange is the human; while making duā he thinks Allāh is very near and while committing sins he thinks Allāh is very far."
We chase people who can't give us anything. We avoid Allah who can give us everything.
When you are tempted to sin, remember 4 things 1) Death 💀 2) Allah is watching you ☝️ 3) The Angels are recording you ✒️ 4) Judgement Day 📖
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Talk to Allâh and tell Him your situation. Ask Him for counsel.
I only let a few people get to know me closely.
You cannot hang around with negative people and expect to live a positive life.
"When things are too hard to handle, retreat and count your blessings instead."
"Nobody can take away your pain but ALLAH, so don’t let anyone take away your happiness."
"If Allaah created you for this world, He would have created you without death."
You don't have a choice…. You either hustle or starve.
If I'm not constantly doing something... I feel horrible. I get a headache when I waste time..
We don't appreciate what we don't have to work for….
When you have to hustle for your money…You learn to respect the grind. You don't waste your money because you worked hard for it.
I'm on my own path……Rejection doesn't affect me at all. I only care about what I think about myself….
Only keep the loyal ones around you
Too cold ☕️
I'm in love with the coco
When you're not in tune with yourself is when you start taking shit for granted.
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