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Dominic Thomas
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07-11-1941 (73) Nerys#Hughes born The Liver Birds (69-78) The District Nurse (84-87) #TempusFugit
07-11-1656 (358) Edmund#Halley born Maths, physics astronomy & annuity calculations #TempusFugit ..& measured
Guess what happens to profits when you stop airbrushing models?
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07-11-1980 (34) Steve#McQueen died age 50 The Great Escape The Magnificent Seven Bullitt Le Mans #TempusFugit
The frog in the boiling water comes to mind! Slow route to obsolescence. #etailfr by @lucaecommerce
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20 “Why wasn’t I already doing this!?” habits that will dramatically improve your life:
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Get a round-up of Britain's #Ebola response so far with our one-stop infographic: #UKaid
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"Encouragement is the missing ingredient. It is the fuel on which Hope runs." Zig Ziglar I found this in Dad's Bible
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07-11-1942 (72) Business Guru Tom#Peters born! In Search of Excellence The Pursuit of Wow! #TempusFugit...redux
07-11-1879 (135) Leon#Trotsky born. Bolshevik & founded the Red Army. Stalin ordered assassination #TempusFugit
07-11-1908 (106) Butch#Cassidy reported killed in San Vincente, Bolivia #TempusFugit
06-11-2004 (10) Bolton born Fred#Dinah died age 66. Steam fanatic and steeplejack #TempusFugit
06-11-1949 (65) Nigel#Havers born - the Charmer Chariots of Fire (1981) #TempusFugit
The end is nigh... the death of the IFA?
You could win Sky free for a year thanks to Portrait Artist of the Year #Portrait14. Listen in after 10 @ClassicFM
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05-11-1605 (409) Guy#Fawkes arrested under suspicion of attempt to destroy #HouseofLords #TempusFugit
05-11-1959 (55) Bryan#Adams born Reckless (1984) #TempusFugit
Amazing time lapse of new One World Trade Center's construction…
CNN "discussion" on catcalling & proving writing a book clearly doesn't make you clever.
04-11-1916 (98) Ruth#Handler born, President of Mattel & creator of "Barbie" doll #FamilyBusiness #TempusFugit
04-11-1884 (130) Irish engineer Harry#Ferguson born. Development of the #tractor, 4x4 & aeroplane. #TempusFugit
04-11-1847 (167) Child prodigy Felix#Mendelssohn died age 38 "Songs Without Words" #TempusFugit
04-11-1918 (96) Wilfred#Owen died in combat age 25, days before peace. Poet describing trench warfare #TempusFugit
03-11-1954 (60) Henri#Matisse died in #Nice age 84. #TempusFugit
03-11-1954 (60) Adam#Ant born Kings of the Wild Frontier (1980) #TempusFugit
02-11-2014 Lewis#Hamilton (29) becomes the first British driver to record 32 Grand Prix wins #TempusFugit
TV ad for MS Cortana - a bloke asking his "virtual assistant" to remind him to "say happy anniversary" to his wife...oh dear, how feeble.
Marie Antoinette was born #onthisday in 1755. Here she is as the Queen of France at 19
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02-11-1942 (72) Stefanie#Powers born "This is Mrs H" Hart to Hart (1979-1984) #TempusFugit
02-11-1959 (55) The first section of the M1 motorway is opened between the present junctions 5 and 18. #TempusFugit
Is it just me or is Alex Polizzi's "Secret Italy" somewhat self indulgent filler TV for the Forte family? Or is that the secret?
Oh dear, coffee fascism from Alex Polizzi secret Italy... Policing cappuccino after 11am, how utterly dreadful (yawn)
"Life insurance can be a bit of a nightmare" says @beaglestreet TV ad, really? (Utter twaddle). #missingthepoint
01-11-1604 (410) Othello 1st performed "Thou weigh'st thy words before thou givest them breath" #TempusFugit
31-10-1961 (53) Larry#Mullen Jr. born drummer that formed #U2 Desire (1988) #TempusFugit
30-10-1534 (480) Act of Supremacy makes Henry VIII head of the Church. State religion troubles #TempusFugit
29-10-1974 (40) Michael#Vaughan born English Ashes winning cricket captain #TempusFugit
28-10-1974 (40) Joaquin#Phoenix Gladiator (2000) Hotel Rwanda (2004) Walk The Line (2005) Her (2013) #TempusFugit
28-10-1929 (85) Joan#Plowright born The Entertainer (1960) Equs (1977) Enchanted April (1992) #TempusFugit
28-10-1962 (52) End of the Cuban missile crisis as Khrushchev orders removal of missiles #TempusFugit
27-10-1939 (75) John#Cleese born Russian speaking Python of a Hotel owner in Torquay...and some #TempusFugit
27-10-1914 (100) Dylan Thomas born Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog (1940) #TempusFugit
27-10-1986 Deregulation of UK financial markets "Big Bang" ends fixed commission starts screen trading #TempusFugit