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I love nice brains.
Brains and hearts ❤️
Whenever the soul gets lonely you can only hope the arrival comes at perfect timing.
Bringing the light from the dark.
My own world.
Feeling non important is an awesome feeling. :)
To people out here I'm a teacher. I'll continue my journey.
I can see clear.
You're not ready.
Don't hit my phone unless you need me to put you in your zone.
I'm plotting on something big. An angel just entered inside my armor.
Seeking a way to breath through prana again. Understanding it more clearly I'm remembering that I seen the white flame during meditation.
It's like history is repeating itself for more than 70,000 years now.
Our first primitive goal on this planet was to dig gold. Now were on a whole entire new level.
Don't hesitate, just elevate and watch them do the same.
I need to have a powerful face to face interaction.
Feel everything within, understand it with your mind. Soon the visions you see beyond you won't matter only the bright aspect of things will
The new age is arriving. I hope you boxed in individuals are ready to wake up. Knock knock!
The radio is trash, television is trash, materialistic things are trash but the mind is delicious.
Me and a couple thousands are soldiers from the light beyond. We'll never stop growing mentally. The mission is to bring consciousness back.
Consuming straight trash is the main reason why everything is falling apart physically and consciously. Selective few has awakened though.
The balance on this planet consciously is unstable. Too many disasters are happening and they're some that's creeping slowly in the dark.
There is two directions. The dark and the light. I'll try to guide you to the light with the best of my abilities but force isn't an option.
I don't speak on things like this for myself. I feel as though that I need to get a message out to the people moving in the wrong direction.
Spirituality is going to wake up and rise beyond everything. We are being watched from above and soon everything will fall in line.
No worries.
Fuck this reality.
Tonight take flight to the moon.
I'm one of the most balanced on this earth.
I'm one of the most enlightened on this earth.
I have one of the warmest hearts on this planet.
A good relationship with yourself results in a great relationship with others.
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Smoke kush, it'll make you feel better.
Don't be surprised when places switch.
You said you have a brain inside of your skull, let me see you prove it.
Disappointed from what I just seen..
Anything is possible with mental and spiritual power.
Female Energy.
I'm not a human, I'm a star.
Discovering who you are and where you're meant to be is truly an amazing ride.
I feel more than proper. I feel indestructible.