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solange knowles
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lol, no they've just been extra kind to everyone who walked on board:) “@MeJill: @Delta let me guess…they gave you extra Biscoff cookies!”
I do complain about the funky folks I encounter while traveling, so gotta thank the good guys just as much
Hey @Delta I have one of the kindest and personable pilots and flight attendants this morning flying home to nola. Can I DM their names?
This might have been top 10 days ever in life
Everyone who came out tonight.... Thank you!!!! You were all so special.
.@solangeknowles opens up about the making of "Lost on the Way," featured on @Chromeo's new album streaming now:
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Roll Back, Play That: @BCkingdom make a "Summer Vacation" playlist with jams from Blaque, 702, Da Brat and more:
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When your guitar players flight gets delayed, show must go on... @BlkTilTheFuture u better run on the stage mid song like 5 heartbeats! Lol
"......universities took to popularizing the art [of hip hop] in courses, most times without appropriate authority"
... @ChrissyCole writes "Never underestimate what a College Dropout can teach a graduation class" on Puff/Howard:
I didn't make him pour his own cereal. I took him for beignets. Neither of us feeling this morning. @…
7 am gonna be here before you know it and I'm gonna be like....pour your own cereal today...
Having a hard time getting back into my mommy routine after 2 weeks of spring break. For starters, I'm up talking to y'all at 1 am.
Roll Back, Play That: @Chromeo takes us back to their high school radio show days with a collection of boom-bap jams:
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But it's like cranes in the sky, Sometimes I don't want to feel those metal clouds....
Im sadly not the least bit surprised, shocked, or stunned. I am aware this is how black people are contextualized by some people every day.
.....But supposedly we are race obsessed, sensitive, and such..... But "this type of shit happens everyday" ....
The homies @Chromeo take us back to their high school radio show days for "Roll Back, Play that" via @SaintHeron
Damn impossible but still love Obsession by Kelly & Cosmic Journey “@hikharhan: out of all the songs you've written which are your fave?”
Yes and ....Never ever ever never... “@Stormie4Bey: @solangeknowles are you proud to be black???? Would you change if you could????”
Extremely lovely and memorable “@lobsterpajamas: @solangeknowles How was it working with Of @xxofMontrealxx ?”
swimming even though the edges never blend “@PerryTheCreatxr: @solangeknowles Running or Swimming?”