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αγαπη - often translated "unconditional love." The word translates to "love; especially compassion, forgiveness, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God."
αγαπη - often translated "unconditional love." The word translates to "love; especially compassion,…
Lunch. Thankie! 😘
The 🌝 outside. 😱
Marty's flakes in Sisig ni ate. 👌🏻🍛🍴
Everyday is a blessing. 💞🙌
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Falling in love sometimes was never really in your plan, until one day you just realized you loved that someone too much.
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Faggits faggits faggits faggits. 😀😛😝😘
#NowPlaying "I Try" by Macy Gray from I Try: The Macy Gray Collection ♫
#NowPlaying "Jealous" by Labrinth from Jealous ♫
#NowPlaying "Heroes (we could be)" by Alesso from Forever ♫
#NowPlaying "Collide - Acoustic Version" by Howie Day from Stop All The World Now (SPECIAL EDITION VERSION) ♫
#ShoeParade 👞👟 The Confession of a Shoeaholic 😂😂
Your KC. Hahaha. Emyo Sprmn!
I miss. BYSP. :(
Bleh! 😛😜😝
Dami kasing wires. Hahaha!
Sakit na walang dahilan?
Why do we always love the ones who hurts us? :(
Eme. Pacute lang ulit. Kaiyak yung buhok ko. Baka mapagkamalan nanaman na nagpakulay ako. Hahahaha. Eme ng Bleach pala. Ewp!
Hi, pacute lang. HAHAHA. Lipbitekeme
Sometimes we said the things we don't mean.
Cha-han! 🍚
For equality, respect and acceptance. #HumanProud #Equality #Respect #Acceptance
Simulaaan na itooo! ❤️
Creamy Carbonara ❤️
When you get bored and don't want to sleep yet. Umaga nanaman. 🙏🏻 Goodmorning. 💋
Medyo ang haba ng baba ko sa DP ko :(
What doesn't matter before matters now.
Even this pizza drools for itself. 😱🍕
For he so love the world.
😜😁✌🏻️ Thanks for the day. No need to mention. 💋😘
Dear Papa God, hindi ko naman po talaga sinasadya yun e.
Awesome badass beyotch! 🌵🌵🌵
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Early week booze!!!
Nice to meet you where you've been?
Sisig @ Street Gourmet 👍🏻👌🏻
Studyantes! 😂❤️👍
PBB - Pabebe
It's Sunday! 🙌 I'm Breathing I'm Alive I'm Blessed I'm Humble I'm Thankful God Is Good God is Great AMEN✔💯🙏
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