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Yvonne Mendoza
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Just cannot understand this thing with my back. If I stretch, it hurts. If I do not stretch, it still hurts. Give me a break pls
It makes it easier to saaaaaaaaaaaaay it
Ahhh pero why ang gwapo ni Zayn
Tell me something I need to know then take my breath and never let it go
I dunno who I'm jealous of. Blake Lively for being with Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Reynolds for being with Blake Lively.
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"You said my sadness was like the sun, beautiful from a distance but it hurt you too much to come closer."
Isa ka pa kontra!! RT @harlequeenicx @SYvonneMendoza Pinapaasa ka lang niyan
Yung crush ko kagabi ang sweet sakin BWAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
Every time I look into your eyes I feel like I could stare in them for a lifetime
Major headache!!!!!!
I'm never sure if I actually have free time or if I'm just forgetting everything I have to do
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Ang tagal ng milagro gusto ko na mag-enroll lol
The Pokémon Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are based on Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.
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Miss you bes!! Thank youuu hang soon :* RT @alisareturn: happy happy happy birthday @SYvonneMendoza miss u #magpakitakanaman 😘😭
Thank you Reysh 😘 RT@rachelarciagaa: Happy Birthday@SYvonneMendozaa ☺️
Hihi thank youuu 🙌🙌 R@jejejeymsms: Happy birthda@SYvonneMendozaza 😁😀
I love you forever 😘 RT@charmcuyaa: love you and happy birthday@SYvonneMendozaa
Thank you baby love youu 😘😘 R@baemedinana: Happy happy birthday mi!!! I love you so muc@SYvonneMendozaza 💋
T3nkz p0uwz 😘😘 R@MarkLeonsameme@SYvonneMendozaza Hhapphfie BhirtsxDha#HappyBirthdayay :D
Thank you 😘 RT@Aubreeeeeeii:@SYvonneMendozaa Happy Birthday po :)
Thank you mahal! RT @dReaLRSanchez: Happy Birthday @SYvonneMendoza bitch!! 😈
Thank you :* RT @nizpanopio: @SYvonneMendoza happy birthday bebe...:)
Thank youuu!! :) RT @bertizi: happy birthday po @SYvonneMendoza :)
Miss and love you! :* Thank youuu RT @SenyoritaShynne: Happy Birthday Bebe @SYvonneMendoza !!! Miis You na :* Love You! :*
The greatest deception of all.
Hahah!!! Langya kaaa. Thank you qtpatuts!!! RT @keanuwongg: Happy birthday Soph!!! Kota na. Dapat may libre sa monday 😂�@SYvonneMendozaza
Thank you Ayu! :)RT @ayumagtalas: Happy birthday 😁�@SYvonneMendozaza
Thank you sis, ingat ka jan :* RT @nikkianne00: Happy birthday sis! @SYvonneMendoza 😁😘
Thank you jen! :* :* God bless! RT @jenjenkatalbas: @SYvonneMendoza putukan na! 🎉 happy birthday poi! 😘 God bless you!
Thank you lai :* RT @ElaiShaddai: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @SYvonneMendoza 😘
@suaninipanini: You said we'll prove them wrong but it turns out you proved them that they were right all along”
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My God akala ko last day ko na
Learn to let go. That is the key to happiness.
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11:11 White Christmas
@stinsonsays: My "walk past you like we never met" game too strong”