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Deci Dela Torrè
You are embarking on a journey into the mysterious shadows of ... More for Aries
Ughh its that time again. Breakouts is shit 😩
Prive with Erika and Margie.. #IndoGals 😃☺️👌
Birthday month... Shhhhh
Masterpiece... 😂😂😂
I just wanna be the girl you like>>> Lol i lied I listened to Beyoncé at the same time... Whatever 😋
You feel kinder and gentler toward those you love today as the... More for Aries
I'm so tired. Gotta Chill... And play Mariah Carey song all night.
Ayeee😍😍 #AllStar @eizacouture
Get it ma!!😃😃
Your friends and associates show up in unexpected ways today, ... More for Aries
I don't chase some. I replace some👌
Determination and patience is an unbeatable combination. #GN
No matter how confident you are about your future prospects, y... More for Aries
When you fall for #Aries personality, everything about them become beautiful.
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Nothing turns off an #Aries like clinging, groveling, or excuses.
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Whatever happens, happens. Dont stress.
Improving your chances of manifesting your dreams is simple to... More for Aries
God, thank you for your love. You are generous with your time, energy and forgiveness.🙏
Obstacles you encounter now probably stem from something you h... More for Aries
Your goals feel very close when you believe your vision is cle... More for Aries