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Social Media on Tap
Build a #socialmedia community. Engage your audience, piers, & influencers. Show fans some love. #engage #retweet
This is awesome! #whoknew #didyouknow #sm RT @Phoebe1_: 11 Shocking Facts About Social Media
RT @kristyannhenry: 7 Elements of a Perfectly Optimized Social Media Account [Infographic] via @getswayy #socialmedia
Born to be a graphic designer or not, here are 3 powerful tools you can use to create shareable #socialmedia images:
#SocialMedia is actually changing our brain & the way we think! You wont believe it. #sm #science #whoknew #wow
Just in case... The dos and dont's of addressing customer complaints via #socialmedia.
Love social media while watching TV? We do too. RT @40billion: Rise of Social TV: How It's Amplifying TV Advertising
RT @QChl: 5 Ways Companies Are Using Instagram’s New Hyperlapse App @socialmediaweek #Oreo still on top. #Socialmedia
Be Simple. Be Real. Communicate. Target. - a wonderful #SocialMedia preview for Newcomers:
RT @SocialMConsult1: "Why we threw our print ad budget under the bus & spent it on social media" @dkaler @LinkedIn
What do you think of the new @HyperlapseApp from @instagram?! Seamless time lapse & stability control. We love it. #newapp #socialmedia
Remember when a #hashtag was called the pound sign?! How did that happen? #sm #infographic
What do you think are the most popular shared words & titles on #socialmedia?
What was your 1st post on #socialmedia? Success is knowing where u were, how far you've come, & where u want to be.
Make them count. #sm RT @DigitalBonanza: Infographic: How To Optimize Promoted Tweets for Best Engagement Rates!
#Didyouknow 20 billion+ photos have been shared over Instagram! RT @tombrownjr: 5 Simple Tips to Instagram Success
What is your brand doing this holiday weekend? Let your fans in on the celebration. #socialmedia #sm #laborday2014
How to 'pick' the right social media platform for your content marketing. #sm
Learn more about who engages w/ ur pins. RT @ReevesGreen: Pinterest helps business grow w/ new analytics #socialmedia
A great article of some down to earth #sm tips. RT @MeltwaterME: 3 Ways to excel in #SocialMedia #PR #Marketing
You need Instagram. Visual content is truly king in the current #socialmedia. @AshleyNAbele
Engaging in social media is an essential part of small business strategy. Where to focus 1st?
RT @mktgartonline: How Social Media Marketing Is Changing the Way Big Brands Advertise #SMM #SocialMediaMarketing
Learn how u can benefit from #blogging: RT @2bintl: "Top 8 Elements of a High-Performing Business Blog" #socialmedia
"Your online reputation can make/break you." via... RT @Moves_MG: #SocialMedia- personal #brand building is HUGE @pro2ceo @nyse
100% essential for your brand. RT @sabrinaonmove: Can #SocialMedia #Marketing have a positive impact on ur business?
This is kinda awesome: Robot hitchhikes its way across Canada & becomes social media darling.
Professional gifs. How fun! RT @EventiqueAffair: #Wedding gifs! This new trend is inspired #sm
Social media stimulates our growth. RT @ruralmoms: 5 of My Favorite Things About #SocialMedia via @IlikeitFrantic
How to choose which #socialmedia page is for ur business? A beginner’s guide: @redeggmarketing
"No matter what people tell you, words & ideas can change the world." - #RobinWilliams #RIP
Is @Snapchat the tool 4 ur brand? RT @DanielleSienema: Snapchat's used daily by 70% of college students! #socialmedia
No.1 Solve problems with photos. RT @HS_608: 8 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Engagement @SMExaminer #socialmedia
How else can you reach thousands upon thousands of potential customers globally? #SocialMedia: truly a #gamechanger.
What are they doing to get such engagement? A study of popular #Facebook pages: #socialmedia
Truth. RT @dorieclark: In #SocialMedia taking the time to interact & engage sets you apart- @chrisbrogan @OPENForum
A thank you can truly change someone's day. Wow. @TD_Canada is doing it right. Get to know ur fans. #TDThanksYou