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James CullenBressack
This is the biggest dog I've ever seen in person. Picture doesn't do it justice
Last day of filming in Arizona then it's off to do some crazy stuff
Walking back is always shorter than walking there
Holy crap they just identified Jack The Ripper…
It's James Cullen Bressack. Twitter won't give my name an extra character
Rap music was way better in the 90s. Why can't there be more of that style of rap?
Wassup arizona?!?! Turn up
I feel naked when my phone dies
The very sexy @lilatheterrible loves her signed copy of my film BLOOD LAKE! Who else wants one? ;)
Pernicious (2014) - Trailer: omg....Looks scary as hell, intense! :-* My kinda #horrorfilm 😧@JamesCullenBB
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I have the worst hypochondria ever
I should have gone to Hogwartz and learned how to fly a broomstick, then I wouldn't have to worry about traffic.
Leaving to Arizona for a shoot tomorrow! Gonna be crazy! Excited.
Oh how the world has changed
Despite trying to avoid it, I watched #HateCrime from @JamesCullenB My final reaction was unexpected but appropriate.…
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I use to turn in short films instead of book reports throughout middle school and highschool. My teachers hated me
Don't fuck me in the face and call it a sandwich
I accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and I now challenge @DohertyShannen @ciarahanna20 @TotalZackWard I get soaked
Driving behind a cougar. Her license plate says it all. I want her number.
So basically @madeleine_wade and @jacquiholland challenge me to the ice bucket in this super sexy video.… I accept
Lets all take a moment to mourn Mickey Rourkes real face.
Text me if you wanna go with me to a premiere tonight. I totally spaced it.
"The next iPhone doesn't have auto correct and it's battery takes a charge" -someone from apple never said
Sometimes I forget you can see the moon during the day
RIP Steven Sotloff. Not okay.... Fuck ISIS.
Who wants to chit chat?
If I've learned anything it's to never assume. There is no such thing as a sure thing
Watching 13/13/13 for the first time. It's been on my watch list for days now. @JamesCullenB
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There ain't nothin better than nap time
Working in the edit bay putting together a bloody gorey mess
The day I find 2 matching socks will be the day the world ends.
Everytime I get really drunk I vow never to drink again
I was told by all my teachers I would never make a single film because that was for people who were driven. 9 features at 22. Not driven?
With the lovely @jacquiholland yesterday on set. Soon after this pic, we killed her. She got super bloody ;)
Sept issue of Malevolent Magazine! Stoked to share my name on the cover with fucking bad ass @JamesCullenB #horror
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If only nose hairs didn't exist