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James CullenBressack
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95% of the time you go "I'll wait to see that movie on Netflix" you were right to wait
Baths are one of the greatest things ever
I can hear the sounds of riots in the streets
Hey monster fest! See you on Melbourne! I leave LAX tommorow! Gonna rock the house with some Pernicious goodness ;)
How do all you can eat sushi places make money?
I regret nothing. living with regrets means I didn't learn from my mistakes
Hangovers aka the reminder of the mistakes you made last night
It was both heart breaking and magical seeing Phillip Seymour Hoffman up on the big screen for the new hunger games. Brought me to tears
When I'm murdered I only ask that my chalk outline be made with Versace chalk
NEWS FLASH: @Jada5Starz is my bae 😍😍😘😘😜
I hate when people have double standards. Unless it's me. I'm allowed to do that. Not you.
Dig on my new website. @LGustavoCooper made it. It makes me look like I'm actually good at makin movies
Friends that refuse to text and insist upon calling you all the time are the worst
Girls take forever to get ready to go to a place that they have to go get ready at
I can't remember the last time my nose wasn't stuffy
I swear I've been squeezing the last bit of toothpaste out of this toothpaste tube for over a month
Not trying to be racist, sexist, or ageist but everytime I had to honk my horn in my car the past 6 months it's been at an old Asian lady
LA can be one of the most fun cities in the world. It can also be one of the loneliest
I always feel like my car might blow up when I put the key in to unlock it
My last tweet is a direct example of hard work and determination paying off for good people
A huge congrats to @_RyanTurek on a new chapter in his career! Rock it over at @blumhouse !!!! You deserve it buddy!
Wanna see a bunch of my movies for free??? @IndieHorrorTV is doin a all night horror marathon of my films tonight!
If you haven't seen the trailer for James Cullen Bressack's Pernicious, you should. I've been stoked about this...
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Am I the only one who thought the hunger games was about a crazy eating competition?
Pernicious (2014) - Trailer: @JamesCullenB dude. This looks so horrific and so fucking sexy.
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Check out this frankly terrifying trailer for @JamesCullenB's new picture @PerniciousMovie Don't watch it alone…
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Here is the trailer of the new movie I play in. Pernicious - Sales Trailer by @DreadCentral -… via @DailymotionUSA
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I just watched a wonderful movie called pernicious . it was amazing ..............
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Official trailer for my film, "Pernicious". Please check it out:)
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@JamesCullenB helps close retail stores too mine included U liked the film support the film by buying the film Just ordered my Blood Lake ;]
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100 dvd sales of my movies this month 30,000+ illegal downloads. And they say piracy doesn't hurt the filmmaker....
Wanna see me act? Grab a copy of my horror film TO JENNIFER. I play one of the leads…
It's raining! I love the sound of rain
Always cool and amazing feeling seeing your film up on a marquee.
Always cool seeing your film up on a marquee. Both my film @PerniciousMovie and the awesome @WOLFCOPTheMovie
319 followers away from 100,000. Tweet out to your followers and get me there! :)
Want to see one of the movies I've made? Get a copy right here! Pls RT and support…
My kitten, Crosby, is nursing on my bathrobe.