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James CullenBressack
People always misread what I meant through text
I'm not a social person, I'm really a hermit, I just play a one on Twitter
Have you heard ‘Ep. 28 James Cullen Bressack Interview’ by Igor's Lab Horror Podcast on #SoundCloud?…
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Who wants to go with me to a trendy bar tonight so we can't sit next to eachother and pretend that we can actually hear eachother
I'm pretty sure I only tweet to feel important so make sure you RT this so I'll continue feeling important
Binge watched FROM DUSK TILL DAWN the series. Episode 7 is insane. It's all worth it. Check it out
Everyone in the world is a prostitute, you just gotta find the right price
No more strings for me
Saw The Hobbit movies. *SPOILER ALERT* ZERO tits in these films
Twitter is just a whirlpool of sin
Recent decision: 'Blood Lake: Attack Of The Killer Lampreys' classified R13 with descriptive note "Violence and horror scenes"
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If u have seen my movies please take the time to show your support and post your thoughts of them on IMDB and AMAZON. Every review helps
I was a guest on the Igorslab podcast last night. Check it out here:…
Lining my life like there are new episodes of breaking bad this week
Father's Day must really suck for super heros, their dads always die
I can't remember the last time I was able to fully breathe through my nose. Always stuffy
If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch the trailer for The Avengers: AGE OF ULTRON…)
Where were all the hot female teachers sleeping with their male students when I was in highschool? I missed out
"A desperate lamprey is a dangerous lamprey." -Blood Lake #bloodlake #horror #horrorlol
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If you really have no regrets you are likely either a liar or an asshole
I'm pretty sure if there is a hell it would be Never being able to find something on Netflix while listening to Hansen on AOL dialup
The next world war will be fought over water instead of oil
How is a random person getting away with pretending that they are Renee Zellweger?
I'm on a horror movie flex
A little hint that ELI ROTH, @realeliroth posted today towards something BIG, him, me, the crypt and RIFF RAFF have cooking together. Major announcement coming soon.
.@JODYHiGHROLLER @JamesCullenB @fearthecrypt Can't wait to start cooking with the Mäd Scientist...🐰🍕🍭🍴😱🔫🔥
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Solja boys vine is literally just him showing people how much cash and drugs he has at that time. Pretty much an invite to rob him
Super excited to see INTERSTELLAR
It's always awesome to find out your film is playing in a different country. BLOOD LAKE is on TV in ITALY right now!
I'm so a terrible person: Forget to say happy Bday to the dear friends and go watch "Blood Lake" instead.
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One thing I've learned in life is that Netflix before bed keeps you awake till 5am
I've got DVD's to sign and give away to awesome people. So who's wants some swag?
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Fear is the quickest way to the imagination
I really like the flow of this interview I just did with @ajapelian… I give great advice to budding filmmakers here
I had a dream in which my throat got slit. I thought you aren't suppose to be able to die in your dreams
Make sure you get a copy of the new issue of GOREZONE! I have interview by the amazing @JasonBene in the new issue!…
Single best craiglist post in history. Saw this on redit. @Sethrogen should contact them
The interesting thing about the film industry is once it hits october everyone decides to go on vacation till january. Think I'm kidding?
You gotta fight for your right to eat pie
Can't wait to find a good time to text this to someone
Go to Netflix and look for Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys. Bring your favorite cereal bowl.
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Full title is actually BLOOD LAKE: ATTACK OF THE KILLER LAMPREYS, so its heart is in the right place. #BloodLake
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yo I wanna see Blood Lake again, that movie was good! 👏
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Lame: When someone keeps texting you and you aren't responding so they manage to have and entire conversation with them self in the texts.
I wanna do more music videos, they are fun