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James CullenBressack
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Netflix suggestions anyone?
Continental breakfast at any hotel is never bomb. It's always better to sleep in.
I've come to realize any film that has narration from the main character is instantly liked by me.
In every group there is always a douche bag, if you can't figure out who the douche bag is, Then 9 times out of 10 you are the douche bag.
Just finished shooting a feature film with the amazing director James Cullen Bressack
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Throwback from the set of Blood Lake. Love this pic. Working w/ actors @DohertyShannen and @ciarahanna20
If you go into a coma for 20 years and then wake up, in your mind does it feel like you you were asleep one night.
Every morning when my alarm clock goes off, I always think "This is the worst thing that has EVER happened to me in my entire life."
I suck at poker, learned that tonight
Anyone know the quickest way to become a billionaire? I want to be able to buy a private jet in the next 10 tweets
I ordered pizza cus lets face it, PIZZA
Sooner or later they all end up hating you
"Relax" and "calm down" are the 2 most annoying phrases in the world
Anyone run a film festival or know someone who does? I want PERNICIOUS to play every festival!
We need to always film cops if they are talking to us
The biggest coward in the world is a man who steals a woman's heart with every intention of giving it back
The hardest thing in the world isn't loving someone, it's having the courage to let them love you back
Kinda like this compliment your givin me Netflix
"Good rough cut, but I really don't like those green backgrounds. Is there some way to fix that?" - Fuse
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“Do not use the word ‘Moron’. You will offend all the morons in the audience. See list of approved alternatives.” – NBC
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And now a baby koala being fed by a bottle in a Mickey Mouse coffee mug
True Love is realizing that you aren't the main character of your own movie, the person you love is.