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James CullenBressack
Ferris Bueller remake will never happen, he'd have to tweet, vine and Instagram his entire day off so he'd end up getting caught.
From the moment you are born, you are never more than 3 feet from a spider
Our film The Blood of Youth screens @ScareLosAngeles on August 9. Tix still available: enter promo code SCARESCREEN for 20% off!
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Booty had me like #ratchet
I seriously need to know what @BarackObama is going to do about this sharknado in New York. #Sharknado2TheSecondOne #sharknado2
The worst part about not drinking anymore is I don't have excuses for my behavior
@KimKardashian But your career was born from sucking dicks so who are you talking down to?
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@JamesCullenB When are we going to see Killer Lamprey vs Sharknado? I think there's money to be made there.
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@JamesCullenB I'm waiting for BloodLake 2: Sharks Ain't Shit.
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Y'all seeing a major studio film feeding off of the #Sharknado2TheSecondOne twitter domination? @theasylumcc
Huge congrats to @theasylumcc for breaking twitter yet again with #Sharknado2TheSecondOne #sharknado2
iPhone chargers are now called 'Apple Juice'. Apple really dropped the ball on this one so I'm fixing it for them right now.
He spent all day trying to figure out if the next scroll would find something new on Netflix
Too many hotties follow me on twitter
I have the first 10 pages of 20 different scripts I started but never finished
Ben Wheatley directing Dr. Who is wild. It's like if Rian Johnson was directing Star Wars or if Scott Derrickson was directing Dr. Strange.
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The Ebola virus is coming back? Well that's the end of the world again
Way to go "Blood Lake"! These are some of the smartest characters in this kind of film I have ever seen! Awesome @theasylumcc @JamesCullenB
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Do you want to build a snow man? You shouldn't have built a snowman.
Wanna see this horror short film my father, @GJToon , wrote and directed and I edited? Of course you do!
That time Terry Gilliam took out a full page ad in Variety calling out his distributor #LikeABoss
Can't wait to see guardians of the galaxy!
Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, there are things to watch on Netflix, but that was long ago
Once upon a time, there were things to watch on Netflix
I'm kind of offended that no body refers to me as the powerful ruler. Do they not know I am?
It's 2014 and I still don't know what poke means on Facebook
I need a full day of nothing to recover from Comic Con
Please Check out my buddy @ianvon's amazing new song!… PLS RT and support Indie Music!
Getting my @fullmoonhorror on with Ooga Booga! Thanks for the DVD @RealCharlesBand
The struggle is real, can't finish the bottle of vodka
Spoke about world domination until 5 am with @GeraldWebb and @TotalZackWard
Come meet the cast and director of Blood Lake! Right now, booth 2415.
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The badge makes me feel powerful. It's not even real or mine but I want to use it. I'm now a cop.
Meet @ciarahanna20, @JamesCullenB, & Zack Ward at 5pm at booth 2415! Then see their movie BLOOD LAKE: ATTACK OF THE KILLER LAMPREYS tonight!
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Insanely sweaty at Comic Con, either due to heat or claustrophobia
Tried to check myself into rehab but apparently being hooked on phonics isn't a bad thing
Check out @JamesCullenB BLOOD LAKE 5pm tomorrow @Comic_Con he's a good friend and a name that's on the rise! Show up and have a blast!
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I'll be at @Comic_Con in 2 hours if you wanna link up! #ComicCon2014 #SDCC2014
Body found under Motel Room bed, has been there for 5 years? No one found it till now. I just found my next movie!…
I just found out, ANYONE in SD that wants to come to the showing of my film BLOOD LAKE tomorrow at comic con can get in if on my list
I'll be at Comic-con, Sat 26, 4pm signing, 10pm screening. FREE TICKETS TO SCREENING. Hit me up asap
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I'm so glad I don't have super strength, I would spend way too much time decapitating people with my bare hands