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James CullenBressack
movies horror film film maker 68,169 followers
Gonna give a FREE signed copy of my film TO JENNIFER away to one lucky fan if this gets 60 RTs. You can also buy it…
I still wake up hoping that school is cancelled.
Morning people. I slept in
Lets put everyone who tells other people to "calm down" on an island and nuke it
Twitter family. To have a good weekend I will make one of my films available for free to you all for the weekend thru streaming. Which ?? ;)
My twitter makes me come off as an bipolar alcoholic. Finally some realism in my life.
If it's a 1 person bathroom in a bar, lock the fuckin door. Cus I'm not gonna knock #commonsense
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, you are good at fooling people. Can I keep you on retainer?
I feel like my twitter timeline is a constant roller coaster of bipolar emotions
Shooting my next movie next month it looks like. Busy busy year
You call it global warming, I call it the planet being bipolar
Is the new captain America good? Whose seen it?
Rob Pallatina, the editor of my film BLOOD LAKE, hard at work. We must lock this cut!!!!!
Looked to see if there was any Dr. Suess themed horror movies and @JamesCullenB's faux trailer did not disappoint.
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When she asks you your sign you know she's interested
If I get to 70k followers I will give away something special to one lucky follower
13/13/13 is the weirdest movie I've ever seen..
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The movie 13/13/13 is soooo messed up and physco
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@Purplee__Haze lol okay , omgg your have to watch this movie with me , it's called 13/13/13 , it's sooooo scary
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even tho 13/13/13 was a weird ass movie I wanna watch it again. 😂👌
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#13/13/13 movie was such dumb fun!! A perfect April Fool's day movie!! @theasylumcc
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You think you are afraid of zombie movies, how do you think the zombies feel when they watch them