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James CullenBressack
"This looks like a good spot." #6secondscare Yes! #Bigfoot makes a comeback on @vine! We missed you!
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Great cover art for the movie J. Edgar. Remember all the crazy explosions hot chicks and gunfights @scottEweinberg ?
Everytime I look up from my phone it's never worth it
the first 2 scripts I ever wrote I will never make, written when I was a wee lad, but if any of you want to fund and make them yourselves ok
Want to be a horror filmmaker? Make sure to enter @fearthecrypt and @eliroth 's new contest! Amazing prize!
Never deny yourself nap time. That's where Legends are created
I wanna go to a haunted maze
Woke up in the morning singing songs, melatonin is rad
I can never tell if I recognize someone or if they just look like someone else
My phone controls my life
That moment where you realize you've been scrolling through facebook and Twitter for 2 hours without paying attention
Purchase a #memorytee to raise awareness in the fight against Alzheimer's. My grandfather had it. #HFC
How are all of you today?
Ever have days where it feels like the universe is just like crucially out to get you?
"You have a lot of growing up to do. " aka the worst thing someone can text you
NIGHTBREED. Two screenings at The Cinefamily Monday and Tuesday featuring an exhibition of Clive Barker...
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@JamesCullenB today I saw the trailer of "Blood Lake" on we can see it also in Italy now. Yeeeh!!
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Annoyed midnight movie showings don't exist anymore. Now they take place at like 10 or 11, sometimes even earlier. Not as magical as waiting
The truth about life is that every year goes by faster than the last
The truth about twitter is that no tweets actually gain you followers they just loose you them
Cheezits are the shit. That is all
People born in the year 2000 never have to guess their own age
This is the hangover that will never end. It's brutal. Remind me never to drink again
Twitter should have drunk locks on it. Kinda like child locks but only for drunk idiots
Some legends are made, some legends are born, some legends just are
With great twitter status comes great responsibility, don't say fuckedup shit or curse or any of that fucking shit. Look professional. ✔️
Everything in life is negotiable
When a chick u bang decides yall should just be friends. It's like, "excuse me but after doing that together, friendship is off the table"
My mind is running on empty. Nap time is important
Seriously tho #TurnipForWhat just broke the Internet
I try not to watch the news, for fear that even watching it will give me Ebola
Nobody cares that you don't like Pulp Fiction. It's like admitting you don't like dogs or kids or peanut butter. We all think you're weird.
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Strange message from actress. How is one suppose to interpret this @ToktamAboozary ?
An unrated version of my film BLOOD LAKE airs on @AnimalPlanet on OCTOBER 30th! BLOOD LAKE: THE LOST FOOTAGE!…
The wife says to me yesterday, You were almost a Leap Year baby.Hmmm she obviously needs to see @JamesCullenB movie 13/13/13.
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This looks insanely epic! Cant wait to dig my teeth into these boss battles! already preordered #LordsAreComing #ad
Tiny little kitten, it's head is smaller than my finger
I love this scary little film! This is going to be a good one. Some seriously creepy stuff I'm making right now for @Boneyard_Tales
That moment when you realize you just zoned out for like 10 mins
Step 1 of being twitter popular: Become Funny
If I ever have a girlfriend again, she's not allowed to follow me on Twitter
If you like her, buy her froyo. Chicks dig froyo
tune in soon for The Firnecast...then catch our interview with James Cullen Bressack at 9/8c (in about an hour) on
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Live your life like your phone has 7% battery