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Just got through watching The Call...scared the shit out of me
Seems like someone needs to catch up on social media
Happy Easter everyone!
I'm sick of being stuck in the house
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Friends for life
Shut the fuck up and shove it
Sometimes people need to fall back
Sometimes I wonder if I could go a day without getting irritated
I can't stand dirty bitches
I'm ready to go home
How you gon tell somebody not to say something but its in the newspaper ... Dumb people these days
Someone save me from this boredomness
Me, jealous of you? Bless your delusional heart.
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I can't stand Mother Nature
Listening to my music
Sometimes I just wanna look at people and give em the finger
Happy St. Patty's Day
Bitches be like ...
Alicia is the last person to say people need to quit being two-faced #bgc10
I really don't understand why Valentina thinks its cool to be a jump-a-hoe
Shannon just mad that Paula won and she didn't get no claps #bgc10
Not only did Jen get her ass beat but she got sent home... Karma s a bitch #bgc10
Today I felt like I was in a jail cell
Bored as fuck right now
Be real with me, or don't fuck with me..
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Justin Bieber can't even celebrate his b-day without paparazzi... that's fucked up
I'm playing Angry Gran Run on my phone! Get it at #AngryGran
☁ ☀ ☁ 🌴 / 🚔 / 🚔 \ 🌴 / 🚔 🚔 \ / 🚘 💨 FUCK THE POLICE! ✌
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#BeforeiDieiWanna 1) Make my parents happy and proud of me 👪 2) Travel the world 🌍 3) Marry the one I love! 💏 4) Live a happy life 💃
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#IfIDontReplyItsBecause A) I don't like you. B) You're an idiot. C) The conversation is over, or most likely D) All of the above.
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#MentionSomeoneYoureThankfulFor my mother. Without her I would lose my mind
Pretty P killed that shit! #BGC10
#ReasonsIUnfollowedYou because you keep blowing up my timeline
When my pencil falls in the middle of the class, I drag it with my feet 'cause i'm too lazy to get up.
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#FollowFriday RT for a follow & I will follow as many as I can throughout the day. If u don't get followed this time I do this every Friday❤
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I can't get my stuff back until the 22nd... this is some bullshit!
Black people ain't Serious until we say "Forreal" Twice.. "Nigga you think I'm playin.. Imma fuck you up Forreal Forreal"
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teachers these days...
Fucking with my sleep is like fucking with my feelings.. Don't do it!
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I got my ipod taken at school but its all good
#IHateHowPeople judge me when they've never even said a word to me.
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Thirsty hoes these days...

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