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#GrowingUpSpoiled you've mastered these two facial expressions. When you get told "no" & when they finally give in
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#Scorpio's are fun people, but often voice their opinions at the wrong time.
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If a #Scorpio apologizes it will most likely be for HOW we said something, not WHAT we said.
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A #Scorpio will tell you the truth even if you might not be able to handle it.
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When I first got on twitter, it was fun... now its just a piece of shit
At times I just be like....
#lawandordersvu is literally the best show ever
Sometimes I wonder why I even have a twitter....
#Scorpio often gets into trouble with "authority" because they don't believe in authority, or in being bossed around.
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#Scorpio finds it difficult to keep their mouth shut when they dislike someone.
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#Scorpio could care less what you think, especially if you're not in their immediate circle.
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#Scorpio has a biting temper that can easily put someone in their place.
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There's a story behind every #Scorpio. There's a reason why they're the way they are. Think about that before you judge #Scorpio.
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Are these HG's forgetting that the evicted HG's vote the winner? #idiots #bb15
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Did Helen just say Aayran is better than Jenelle???😂😂#BB15B15
If you remember this retweet "Look at it and love it "
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I wanna go to sleep but I can't….
Really like wtf… what is wrong with these housguest #bb15
I'm so glad Amanda called Aaryan out on her bullshit #BB15
Come and check out! The number 1 for Teen Dating! via @mylol
I'm with Elisa… I wouldn't wanna talk to her racist ass anyway
I should watch #BB15 after dark more offten
Kim's baby's name is North West..... And I thought Blue Ivy was bad
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My ombre nails💅Y
Board as fuck😒
I haven't tweeted in a long time…
Flo…please don't do anything to make me unlike you
Rocky had me crying that's messed up...she's a strong bitch
Ever have that one person who just doesn't know when to go home?
A sick person and irritation does not mix
I did not like Tanisha during this reunion #bgc10
I don't like Valentina but its messed up that she had to go to the hospital but karma's a bitch and bitches and shit
Social media is so boring
Natalie and Camilla quit hatin on #bgc9
Top 10 OMG moments part 2 😌
My Spanish teacher got arrested 😮...😂
Everything Glows✨
I'm bout to go the fuck off right now

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