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Nicole Polizzi
Listening to @snooki podcast #NaturallyNicole while I'm at the gym makes time fly!!
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❤️❤️"@AngelaKolesar: @snooki LOVE my new shirt from TheSnookiShop ! Thank you❤️❤️😘�”
Listened to #NaturallyNicole this morning while getting ready for work ❤️ love you boo! 😘@snookii 💁
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❤️❤️❤️❤️"@joeycamasta: I love all my #naturallynicole fans !! Thank you all so much for your love and support 😘�@PodcastOneO@snookioki”
finally started listening to @snooki podcast. Pretty sure shes my soul sister. Parenthood is a hot mess. Love it. #naturallynicole
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Eating pineapple and galloping. 😂😂😂
Listening to @snooki podcast for the first time yay
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Win a Knit Top from my #SnookiLove line! See the photo on how to win 💗 You can see the line
Moving more furniture and decorating the house!!! We'll eventually move in. 💗
Listening to @snooki podcast "Naturally Nicole", love this show!!lol
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I wish I could sing 😒😒😒😒
Are mermaids real? 🐠🐟🐬
XO❤️"@C_Byrne27: @snooki just started listening to your podcast... LOVE IT!”
😍@JLaVallee: Love my hot pregnant wife. �@snookiki”
And that's your opinion😘@Neptne_MARSmllww:@snookii neck tats are trashy esp 4 a mom, if my mom had a neck tat, I'd be beyond embarrassed.”
Humanity is pretty awesome😜@AhmediMullaa: When@snookii has almost 7million followers on twitter you’ll know why I have no faith in humanity”
I want my next tattoo to go on my neck and I want it to resemble my kids… What do you think of some of my ideas!? 🐥🐥
This owl sweater is perfect for those fall nights 🍁🍃🍂 Visthesnookishop.comhZ5 to see the
Good news! I just went to my doctor and I'm officially starting to dilate... 🌸😊🍼😂👶
💁💁@icu_jockin_kc_k@snookioki they still hating on you after all these years boo?”
That's a big statement. "@flakeo: Best moment in history? When @snooki got punched in the face.”
LMAO @snooki I was literally DYING when you were screaming about the spider in your basement! I am totally the same way! Too funny!😂
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Everyone follow my #snookilove twitter account for the latest updates on my clothing line😘@SnookiLovebyNPp
Gah just got my full shipment of #snookilove sent to me! Here's a few of them! All pieces will available to all of you soon @ 😍👗👖🎀
Buns & guns , tryna jump start this labor 💪💪💪
That's awfully sweet of you 😯@Puto8311:@snookii your ugly AF”
Gym time ❤️ baby girl might make an appearance during my workout 😂👶
My FAV lip balm that keeps my lips feeling soft and smooth- especially during winter!! 💋💋
I love Skirt weather xoxo
I always go to the dollar store., who u kidding? "@HuntyZeddV: @snooki you actually went to a dollar store?”
So I just bought a million things at the dollar store for my arts & crafts decor for the house! 😍😍😍😍
Running around today!!! Hopefully running all of these errands will let babygirl know it's time to come out. 👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶
Seriously, I'm so upset & mad. My girl can't die. Killian better wake her up with a kiss🔮�@BradleyStyleNYCY@WitchesEastEndnd
Just binge searched 'diy home decor' on Pinterest and now my mind is racing with what I have to buy at michaels tomorrow. #craftjunkie 😍
WTF. I'm done ✋✋✋✋✋✋ goodnight world I'm pissed. #WitchesOfEastEnd 😩😩
OMG I can't with this episode. Gonna put me in labor. 😰😰😰#WitchesOfEastEndstEnd
Goldwell color & great lengths extensions ❤️"@aulaBored: I wish I knew what extensions and color line @snooki used in her hair”
Love the baby products! @Weleda
Love u more😻@Punky_Brewster88:@snookii is such a girl's girl. Fuckin love her.”
My iPhone texts aren't working 😩😩😩😩😩
@snooki I absolutely LOVE your podcast ... you're So Real .. keep It up 🙌🙌👏👏👏
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❤️❤️"@Venus300: Loving @snooki 's podcast, she just have the best personality.Btw loving the #SnookiLove clothing aswell #naturallynicole
Wide awake at 12am asking baby girl why she's taking forever to make her arrival into this world. 😳
Just chillen in MY kitchen 😍😍 can't wait to start cooking feasts in here! If i can...🙈
Oh. I'm used to that shit, whatev 🙅@JoshPhibbss:@snookii All he said was the truth. Such a sad little creature you are...”
What he say?! "@DelbinKnowles: Did this guy just shade @snooki on CNN? Yepp Montel William just shaded you "