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Thinking of you and your family, @meyerweb. #663399Becca
Hey #Ottawa , we have @nskbelanger talking about owning your success @Shopify next thursday June 19th!
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Huh. The WiiU pad shows ads.
Mario Kart credits have quite the jazzy music. I kinda want to just listen to it forever.
Find someone to have dinner with or head home and play Mario Kart? Yeah, I think we both know what’ll happen here.
Now that I have the wiiu, all my devices go through hdmi. None of that component cabling crap. #firstworldhappiness
I'm snookca on the wiiu.
I've set a personal goal to scratch the two remaining continents I haven't been to off my list: Asia and Antarctica. Conference, anyone?
I couldn't resist any longer. /cc @jessabean
"The medicinal marijuana factory must have high security."
They’re basically the same thing now.
I think @SavedYouAClick is probably the best Twitter account. Like, ever.
I barely use my pebble but I'm still tempted to get an android watch.
'Unix is user-friendly; it's just picky about who its friends are.'
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So awesome having lunch with @chrislobay and @snookca at @Shopify. Pretty positive it's the best place to work in Ottawa.
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Thunderstorm. Love it.
We need UX researchers at Shopify.… Come work with me!
A night to myself. Unsure what to do. Might play Forza or Titanfall. Chill out.
So sad that @bigrigbrew doesn't have pork tacos anymore. Fish tacos will have to do.
Grabbing lunch at @bigrigbrew. Pork tacos y'all.
And thus begins my birthday week. 5 days until 40.
Ask HN: Where did all the Product Managers go?
As a manager, do you empower people or tell them what to do?
I should not be given a whole weekend to stew on something that is pissing me off.
I’m not enjoying It’s slow to load and don’t like emailing on event changes/declines and inability to move to other calendars.
You don't need a "mentor" AKA, my (almost) fool proof strategy for asking strangers to have coffee with me:
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I enjoyed this interview of @simmy on @greatdiscontent I’ve always been a fan of his work.