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CSS is hard stuff, but @snookca is here to help. Treat yourself a ticket for @FrontPorchIO
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Putting my knowledge gained from @notwaldorf and added emoji to my Chrome profile names.
Engineering has to make delivery a non-event, else featuritis and waterfall will prevail @billwscott #leanux #agile
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Do I get different weather if I’m a male or female?
In the middle of a techno street parade. Because why not.
Watching @HugoGiraudel talk about Sass.
Apparently that white space on either side of the article is an ad. Accidentally clicked. *close window*
Next month, I’ll be speaking at Web Unleashed in Toronto! Save $100 with code 'speaker':
When you try deleting a line of CSS:
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Bug report from April 2006. cc @tobi
Current status.
The focus ring in Google Inbox is kinda weird.
The day you plug your laptop into your cinema display and the USB keyboard just works.
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CSS is complicated. Web Inspector’s new Visual Styles sidebar can help you perfect a design — now in the nightly.
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#frontporchio Learn SMACSS architecture from the author himself, @snookca! Oct 21
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A visualisation of an asteroid's path of orbit which nearly collided with the Earth and Moon in 2003. (Credit: NASA)
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My 7yr old just made me out of clay. 👍�eA
Columbia House just filed for bankruptcy. Its 2014 revenue: $14 million. 1996 revenue: $1.4 billion. More @WSJ.
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When Canada is selected, the About page is titled Aboot in the Shopify footer. Heh.
Man’s Body Running Out Of Ideas To Convince Him He Full
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