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webdevelopment 43,824 followers Parallax at the top is nicely done.
Well, that was the worst night of sleep I’ve had in a long time. Getting up was painful. So, um, good morning?
I think I’m going to get… printed and put in my office. Love it.
“You know Apple is run by men. Their "6 Plus" is 5.5 inches.”
If I book a trip to London between now and December, I get bonus miles. Tempted to book said trip to London.
I’m not sure why Amazon asks me what device to send a Kindle book. I have to download it manually on every device I have anyways.
Custom select boxes link I was looking for:… (thx @SaraSoueidan for pointing me in the right direction!)
For the life of me, I can’t find a link to cross-browser custom select drop downs that I saw recently. Anybody got such a thing?
Once in an interview, I started talking about visual design patterns and realized the interviewer meant Gang of Four design patterns.
You can tell if someone is a designer or developer based on what they think “design patterns” are.
Using Chrome? Google might be listening to you breath right now:…
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A month until my next SMACSS Workshop. It’s going to be fun!…
“But now the magic has turned, in ways that have felt irrevocable.” — @kissane, “Ditching Twitter” (…)
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Surprised NHL15 doesn’t have a league mode.
Watched A Million Ways to Die in the West. Amusing. Enjoyed the Back to the Future and Django Unchained cameos.
Edge of Tomorrow was a good movie. I liked the Groundhog Day spin.
Sadly too few companies realise the importance of design in Product Management and focus on tech delivery and metrics reporting instead.
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Bugsnag’s CSS Architecture…
Living Design System at Salesforce…
This is easily IOS8's killer feature:
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I believe that class names should describe design function—.nav or .modal—not its content.
Naming CSS Stuff is Really Hard… (I talk about this in my workshop!)
Did you know Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are feuding? Yeah, I didn’t need to know that.
Every now and then I click on a trending topic and then I hate myself a little more.
If you don’t like a game, just don’t play it. Why destroy someone’s life over it?…
For those interested in getting their hands on an iPhone 6 PDF template, it’s on Ars Technica.…
Printed out templates to get sense of iPhone 6 size. The Plus doesn’t feel as bad as I thought it might.
Having a Pebble, I think I’d like an Apple Watch but my biggest concern is the size. The Watch looks too big.
Switched from Air to Pro for work laptop; remembered my biggest peeve: the edge on my wrists. Ow. Maybe the band of Apple Watch would help.
We’re looking for front-end developers in Ottawa.… Come work with me. :)
I’ve seen conf lineups of all women and asked, “am I allowed to go?” Imagine what it’s like for all male lineups.
The solution to gender equality in tech should not be for women to act more like men.
I was willing to buy previous iPhones sight unseen. Unlikely to be the case with iPhone 6 or Watch.
We’re just over a month away until CSS Dev Conf. You should totally come to my SMACSS Workshop
Amused that ❄️ has become the shorthand for those special one-offs that inevitably find their way into code.
There’s nothing quite so dismissive as saying “it makes no sense” to someone.
Reddit user made famous off celeb nude photos wants his privacy back
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They replaced Coke with Pepsi at work. I quit.
Back in Ottawa for two days now and my allergies are in full force. Ugh.
Some self-publishing success story articles…
Huh. Didn’t realize that I managed to register both and I should put those domains to use.
Most of my time on not-oft-used services is spent on resetting forgotten passwords.
London through trains. I’m pretty pleased with how this photo turned out.
Had a lovely week in the UK. Nottingham and Brighton were both delightful.