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@SNCKPCK 's snapchats always make me feel better 😌💐🌳🌸🍃🌾
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ur a 420/10 wow so beautiful
just out here tryin’ 2 help my pals have a better day
jenny is back home!!! we are about to go out hiking!!!
if you love closing your eyes and becoming an eagle with a dolphin head you are definitely a babe
imagine if animals in the amazon jungle created their own police lol. “hi mr parrot i see ur speeding down these trees here” - gorilla bob
i hope one day people will not kill others over minimal things compared to a human life. nothing more important than being alive & breathing
ok hello please be aware how vastly enormous the sky above our heads is. it goes and goes and goes and goes through outerspace! to infinity!
the words “kill yourself” should not come out of anyones mouth!! even if you are joking, stop. some people really struggle with it. not cool
dont be afraid of bugs!!! they are your friend!!! dont kill them!!
dream date: playing golden eye 007 under a waterfall that has been turned into fruit punch in the amazon rainforest
@SNCKPCK i was watching ur snapchat story w/ my grandma and she told u to stop saying frick!!!! oh frick!! 😂
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some1 told me littering helps the community by creating jobs. thats like some1 saying they set cars on fire b/c it creates jobs. the hek!!
i hope everyone is having a great night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"these rocks are bigger than my grandma" - @SNCKPCK
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jump on the bak of my skateboard and lets kickflip in2 the tunnel of love
earth!!!!! its sunny somewhere even on the rainiest day. someone is holding hands with someone they love. paper airplanes being flown 24/7.
so hEkin proud of everything you have done 2day!! and if u havent done anything well yr probably a cat *pets yr lil fluffy head*
💤 nappin’ like a cat 💤
u deserve 2 be happy
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shoutout to @SNCKPCK for being the only motivation in my life to do anything
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nothing cool is gonna happen if U dont make it happen
connecticut is beautiful!!!!!!!! i feel like im in avatar!!!!!!
@SNCKPCK 's snapchat story makes my whole life brighter
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somewhere in the universe photosynthesis is happening and that is so beautiful
my snapchat is "SNCKPCK"
watching @SNCKPCK snapchat is my favorite part of every day
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out on planet earth again!!!! check me out hiking in my snapchat story 2day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the vibes you put into the air will be returned 2 you!!!! all about positive energy people!!!! try and make a difference!!!!
imagine if ur fridge turned into a volcano and the lava melted a 40ft hole in your house and u can see dinosaur bones at the bottom
i think caring about others is the most important thing in life make sure you are always helpin out others in one way or another
people are people like you! everyone is so complex in their own way. try and make friends with the world.
the world is a real place!!! u could literally walk into a snake pit full of deadly cobras!!! but dont do that ok!!! gotta be safe!!
every time u drop ice cream on the ground a digglet pokémon should pop up and eat it
make sure you dont bonk ur head on anything today! the earth can be a dangerous place
cool date tip: slick ur hairback with ur ninja turtle comb to impress every1
those moments when you hear someone call your name but never figure out who is people from the real world trying to wake you up
u cant find happiness in the world if u havent found happiness inside yourself first
im a stay at home cat dad!!!
i just cleaned my entire house!!!!
cool date tip: pretend ur arm is a fish that needs to be submerged in water 24/7. very cool conversation starter!
be aware of what u are snckin on!!!!!!!! u can eat what u want!!! just make sure ur being healthy!! a lil treat nvr hurt anyone tho :+)
honestly @SNCKPCK's music is such a mood lifter. if youre feeling sad or down for whatever reason i sincerely recommend his music
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taking a break from streaming until jenny gets back!!! tuesday 8pm est we will b back!!!!!!!
i once fed a sardine to a dolphin at sea world. i hope that dolphin gets to be free in the ocean 1 day

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