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me n jennys love books are here!!!! wow we are opening them tomorrow!!! ill take pics!!!!
my favorite pokémon is mike tyson
i think the coolest human on earth is u
if you are ever sick i will take care of you and maintain your roller coaster tycoon park for you as you drink your tea.
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even if u fall on ur journey up the mountain u dont fall back 2 the bottom!!! pick urself up n make the mountain ur girl dog
tomorrow im going 2 a climbing gym 2 work out my big muscles. peaches better watch out 4 the flex if she gets sassy with me
if u can climb a mountain u can climb a hill of ice cream
its like my entire life lead up to this moment
very rare snckpck song :^) ♫ Go Outside Today (W. Sally Lynx) – SNCKPCK #NowPlaying
make ur night more than just another night!! do something cool like printing out a photo of michael jordan and putting a banana on top of it
whats yr all time fav snck?????
yo shoutout 2 ducks
some1 call the fire department bc yr smokin hot
unlimited heart eyes 4 u
no like rap beats 4 me to rap over u silly heads
hey im on the prowl for some happy/quirky beats!!!!!! link me 2 some !!!!
i love watching ocean videos online. all the animals in the sea r so cute and interesting to learn about!!
welcome 2 planet earth where dogs make nice friends and dolphins do backflips!
the peaches neon florescent swirl under a black light!!!!! u can get a cool shirt at!!!
keep yr cool hot stuff
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trees are so nice i love how they are so chill like they dont even get up outta bed they chill n the same spot forever : )
me n jenny are going rock climbing all day tomorrow!!!!! i really like her!!!! omg!!!
peaches told me 2 tell u ur hair looks horrible but dont listen 2 her she is just jealous bc wow ur hair is lookin amazing 2day
have u seen @michaelberland new vid/song ???? wooaoohahehoaoahh!!!!!
If you say that you don't take spontaneous dance breaks, you're probably lying.
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keep on shinin' and smilin' lil sun ★彡
if i had an endless amount of pancakes well then HEY EVERYONE UR INVITED 2 MY HOUSE FOR FREE BREAKFAST!
My only happy/safe place at the moment is in @SNCKPCK 's books. Thank you Daniel for creating my escape from reality.
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you are so great!!! do whatever you wana do today!!! make it a fun day ok!
good morning planet earth you look beautiful today
a page from me n jennys new book :^) 💥💙💥 <3
the peaches fluorescent swirl t-shirt under a blacklight! it looks cooler in person! get it @
im droppin the ukulele and going back 2 RAP
nap time for peaches 💤
i wonder what it would feel like if i was a dolphin flying in the sky doing backflips outta clouds
if i had a gun it would be a water gun filled with fruit punch and not bullets
Listening to Dog Heaven by @SNCKPCK to prep for National Dog Day
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hi i hope u sleep well tonight and are tucked in bed like a burrito