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Professor Snape
"We should stop defining each other by what we are not, and start defining ourselves by who we are." - Emma Watson
23 years ago today, Harry Potter received a Nimbus 2000 from Professor McGonagall.
If a virtual Hogwarts game isn't announced soon I'll be very disappointed... #GAME24 #NVIDIA #ad
Scotland has decided to not separate from England. I'm happy that Hogwarts doesn't have to deal with a divorce.
The largest gaming event ever is taking place and NO ONE is planning to play Quidditch... #GAME24 #NVIDIA #ad
Emma Watson ran a UN meeting in Uruguay today. 5 Points to Gryffindor..
What's the point of downloading iOS 8 if you can't put Alan Rickman's voice as Siri
| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄| | I | | HATE | | PEOPLE | | _______| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づ
Dear Jacob, Please stop calling yourself a werewolf. You're an animagus. Now, please turn to page 394. Sincerely, Severus Snape
No post on Sundays.
If you ever think you've made bad decisions just think what it must feel like to be one of the 12 publishers that turned down Harry Potter.
Potterheads are all wonderful, but YOU are the best. Yes, you, reading this. X
Retweeted by Professor Snape
You can have your Apple products. I have my Hogwarts Letter.
Urgent news: Apple is releasing another product that you don't need, but you won't look trendy without. #AppleLive
The Apple product you're all waiting for.. #AppleLive
Hitting women is never okay. Unless you want to hit Dolores Umbridge. Then it's okay.
If Prince William and Kate Middleton have another son and name him Fred, their two children will be Fred & George. #RoyalBaby
The entire Harry Potter story in one strip. Art by Lucy Knisley. This is amazing.
How I imagine Sirius spends his free time
23 years ago today, Hedwig delivered her first message to Harry Potter.
23 years ago today, Harry Potter had his first class with me.
Maggie Smith behind the scenes. Battling cancer and filming the last movies while undergoing chemo. #StandUp2Cancer
Don't let the Muggles get you down.
You know what's funny? Not you, so shut up.
Facebook is more dead than Albus Dumbledore right now. #facebookdown
All students should see my Snapchat story. Add "Snape-Chats" to see. This is very important.
Did you start school today? Then I have a very important message for you. Add "Snape-Chats" on Snapchat to see it.
If you're not at Hogwarts right now, your life is sad.
Congrats to all the new Slytherins, Ravenclaws, and Gryffindors. To the new Hufflepuffs, I'm sorry.
I think we all know who leaked Jennifer Lawrence's nudes..
19 Years ago today, Harry Potter met Luna Lovegood.
Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley were all sorted into Gryffindor 23 years ago today.
If you missed the Hogwarts Express this morning, please do not take a flying car to school.
If you weren't on the Hogwarts Express this morning then your life is sad.
If you didn't get a Hogwarts Letter, please don't show up to Platform 9¾ in the morning. You'll just be embarrassing yourself.
I just hope no one leaks Dolores Umbridge nudes.
If you miss the Hogwarts Express, DO NOT take a flying car to Hogwarts.
Don't let any Muggles see you on your way to Platform 9¾ in the morning.
Hogwarts Express leaves tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. Don't be late.