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Professor Snape
We need fewer Bella Swans and more Hermione Grangers in this world of Pansy Parkinsons.
Every week should be Harry Potter week.
President Snow is me everyday at Hogwarts when I see couples in the hallways
You should be required to read a book for every 10 selfies you take.
It's an unforgiving world. The key to life is not caring what anyone thinks... #LordsAreComing #ad
Whenever I worry that I've been wasting my life, I cheer myself up by remembering that I have never read a Twilight book.
More Americans have been dumped by Taylor Swift than have died from Ebola.
Someone needs to make a Harry Potter game where Lord Voldemort is the final Lord Boss... #LordsAreComing #ad
If you were sad about Robin Williams and you're laughing at Amanda Bynes, check yourself. Mental illness isn't a spectator sport.
This Hermione dog costume made my day
Friends are temporary. Harry Potter is forever.
Someone sent this to me on Snapchat. Send something to me: Snape-Chats
The sins I have committed have left their mark... But at least it's cool tattoo... #DarkMark #LordsAreComing #ad
We definitely don't have good BBQ at Hogwarts. Honestly, Dobby is a terrible cook... @Wendys #BBQ4Merica #ad
Could this be the answer to JK Rowling's puzzle?
JK Rowling has written a puzzle for us. Help solve this anagram:
Youngest seeker in a century. Can’t catch a letter.
The Dark Lord is trying a new approach..
68 years ago today, Minerva McGonagall received her Hogwarts Letter.
Happy Birthday, Professor McGonagall
This is why I have Sirius trust issues... #Dogs #Annabelle #sponsored
17 Years ago today, Ron was a huge crybaby and left Harry and Hermione to search for the Horcruxes on their own.
Roses are red Violets are blue I thought Voldemort was ugly But then I saw you #NationalPoetryDay
Somebody, go wake up Green Day and tell them that September ended.
I think we all know how Ebola was really brought from Africa to the US..
Whenever Hogwarts goes more than a few days without BBQ, Hagrid begins to cry... #JoinTheCause #BBQ4Merica #ad
I am constantly amazed by the stupidity of people.
Hermione Granger explaining to the UN how it's done at Hogwarts
A woman is suing Disney claiming Frozen is based on her life. This is getting out of Hans. She needs to let it go.
Sometimes I want to Avada Kedavra everyone.