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'93 - ♍️
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Yall pray for this child. Aint nothing wrong w/ her, she just look half nigga with a lineup & a pice of hair
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@MigosATL: THA TRUTH IS HERE!!! @QuavoStuntin Speaks On The "Robbery"…@MLuna11
Both are is about hockey while the other is about mike brown.....but we're animals. You feel me?
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when the pizza was half-off but they charged you full price
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You get mad that they kill us like wild animals.. But you act like wild animals in return by burning down YOUR neighborhood.. I don't get it
Ignorance smh
The story of ferguson tonight is way bigger than looting or violence. People are angry. People are hurting. They're killing us with impunity
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Tha stuff I been going through lately could make a regular person crazy
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Ain't never gonna get along
Made so many mistakes I know my niggas relate
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Just riding on love..
Boondocks back in 2005 predicted a lot of shit that rappers are doing now in 2014
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Irritated to say the least.
Winter nights alone.
$22.25/hour ain't bad 😌
Ever say "I'm done" and went right back? 😶
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@Drrake: when u see the dude who's been favouriting ur girls tweets” these niggas quick @TheMarcGarcia
#LifetimeBeLike Lifetime Presents: Bobby Shmurda - been selling crack since the fifth grade
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Lifetime presents : My Lip Gloss is popping The Lil Mama Movie
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Seriously if me and U fall out on Monday and U got a new nigga on Wednesday... This nigga ain't just pop out of nowhere
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It's like, I know what I want and where I should be but do you still feel the same way?
A text from the right person can change your whole mood
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Hearing my baby girl say Dada is one of the best feelings in the world
Take me back to when this first dropped bruh April 14,2010 I swear I bumped this hoe for 2 years. Shit I still do
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I need money money money
@blaccpearls: Sooo I found this in my nigga room yesterday 😒😡😡�”that's a limited edition noodle seasoning pack
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Lol do I have stupid written on my forehead?
Big or small everyone has a booty and that's awesome
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I done got it out the mud that's that shit that made me
Ever unfollow someone because no booty?
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There's a reason I didn't fight for what was once there
Oomf salty af and I dont know why