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Savannah Rodgers
I thought my best friend was just full of it when he told me George Brett inspired Lorde's "Royals." Can't blame me for not believing him.
I could get into cyberpunk or Mass Effect cosplay. You know, if I had a shred of talent or discretionary income.
If you say you wouldn't get along with someone because they haven't had sex before, you probably shouldn't be having sex at all.
Happy Batman Day! If you're in the KC Area, @elite_comics is throwing a party for it this weekend.
Let's have a "Not At Comic Con" GHO. @NickSzeman @CnadianChuckFan
Throwback #NerdHQ and #SDCC 2011 w/ @ZacharyLevi. Have a great time in San Diego, nerds!
Apparently texting people selfies of my happy Chasing Amy/Singin' in the Rain tears makes people uncomfortable. @Rileyzard
I think I'm in trouble because my friends are now waking up to be productive for the day. Meanwhile, I just got into bed. @Rileyzard
Right now, I just feel really happy. So, no one talk to me. Don't you dare ruin this for me.
Someone who worked on my short asked if I named a character "Amy" for Chasing Amy. Long story short, she will always have a job with me.
Is there a time where I don't fawn over Chasing Amy?
Very fitting for this hour. Good Morning.
Never call me "hun" unless you want a swift kick to your genitalia.
Somebody just told me filmmaking wasn't a real job, so now I am going to troll that person until they maybe cry.
This is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me.
I entered the room and my mom proclaimed that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are getting a divorce. My mother is the inside source to all things Beyoncé.
New giveaway from Geek & Sundry!
It's taking everything in my power to just unfollow people on Facebook rather than rant about why their political opinions are wrong.
Tom Beaver took a snap of me and Kristin Rea last night between takes on Outlier. Clearly enthused.
If other people getting representation you've always had is an inconvenience, it's time to think about the kind of person and ally you are.
Female heroes and POC heroes are often identified by their race/gender. Having Thor be a female and a POC Captain America is powerful.
Rolling my eyes at white males - and females - who criticize Marvel as being "too PC." Empathize with underrepresented groups.