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Savannah Rodgers
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Happy Transgender Awareness Week. Begin the path to educating yourself on transgender issues here: #transwk
Thank you @KUFMS for giving me the chance to meet with the Advisory Board this weekend. Thanks especially to @branitfx for his wise words.
Wait - Who WOULDN'T want to be called a Social Justice Warrior? I WISH I were that cool. I might make Social Justice Waterboy...
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Why does everyone who's ever been to France think that they're the epitome of culture when they get back?
I can't go anywhere in Lawrence without finding hipster beer bottles on the ground.
Fun last day on set for What We've Become. We all took a break to check out the solar eclipse between scenes.
"When [Felicia Day's empathy & moderation] is becomes...obvious that #GamerGate isn’t about ethics."
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Waiting for the next Rob Lowe commercial to be Rob Lowe and Chris Traeger. "I'm LITERALLY a fictional character."
All right, Royals. Get your shit together. It's Game 2 and we're in KC. Let's go!!!
I don't want people to be indifferent towards marginalized groups or "tolerant." I want people to give a shit about their fellow man & CARE.
Dear old guys handing out Bibles in front of my apartment, Do more people really need to be converted to Christianity? What's the deal?
Still stupidly excited for @charlotteross to appear on #Arrow. Just saying, if they invented a superhero for her, no one would be mad.
Final Championship Giveaway: #win the #AlwaysOctober hoodie the pros wear. RT and FOLLOW to enter. Ends 10/24 #KCvsSF
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Not sure what the #StopTheGOP hashtag is specifically about, but I think this applies to just about all of their policies right now.
The propaganda the Russian government is putting out is VERY similar to the tactics used by the Eisenhower administration to demonize gays.
The fascism of Russia's anti-gay laws reflects Eisenhower's and McCarthy's witch hunt against communists and gays. History repeats itself.
If you'd like to see the harsh realities of homophobia in this world, watch Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia. Horrifying.
Still trying with #Ello, however limited its engagement with other users is.…
Many good people think #GamerGate is about journalism & artistic freedom. That's like working at #KlanDayKare. The name means hate, guys.
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Today is the 20th anniversary of Clerks and Kevin Smith's emergence into film. He's created movies that changed my whole life. Thanks, man.
No, Officer, I'm not a drunk driver. I'm just a bad one.
If you support harassment either directly or implicitly by group affiliation, please don't play my games.
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One of Chasing Amy's more profound moments.
Let it be known that @oddlyerin is a chair kicker and is unapologetic about it. #BoycottIdiotBabe #UnfollowOnVine
The Royals are in the World Series. You know what that means. #BringBackSungWoo
I bought Kesha's debut album for $7 in 9th grade and thought I would regret it. Now I'm almost 20 and still inappropriately dancing to it.
Happy LGBT #SpiritDay. Hoping to see a lot of purple today.
Royals are going to the World Series, baby! #TakeTheCrown
On set today for What We've Become (2015). Thanks for the employment, @ThroughAGlass.
Happy birthday to one of my favorite Viners, @madisonlawrence! She's gonna be a star, people.
The character that lasts is an ordinary guy with some extraordinary qualities. — Raymond Chandler
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My good friend @SJBsMama is in this awesome project... Women vs. Cosplay. Check it out and donate!
Up past 4 AM listening to @amellywood and @aishatyler on Girl on Guy. Worth it. Great conversation and even educational.
My mom just said, "Yale" in the style of Lil Jon. What is happening.
Envious of everyone at #NYCC right now. Between a @ShowrunnersFilm screening and the first footage of @Daredevil, I've missed a lot.
Finally saw #GoneGirl last night after a week of waiting. Fantastic. Fincher and @BenAffleck nail it, as usual. Rosamund Pike is Oscar gold.
Being a feminist means fighting for equality for EVERYONE. All my love & support is with the Weekend of Resistance #FergusonOctober
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The way "gamers" treat @femfreq is disgusting. These misogynists are absolutely vile people.
Happy National Coming Out Day. Slowly the world is becoming a better place for #LGBT people, but the fight won't end with marriage equality.
Hey, @MattG1978 - you and I make a pretty good team!
.@Snacpack That's what I say! Women in the industry being safe & free from harassment & threats is a LOT more important! #GamerGate
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Next question: why care about transparency in video game journalism, but accept perpetuating misogyny/harassment of women online? #GamerGate
So puzzled by "Stopping all corruption in game journalism is an important, realistic goal but stopping doxxing/stalking/threatening is not"
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Finally in the know about what #GamerGate is. My first question - who the hell cares about "transparency in video game journalism?"