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Savannah Rodgers
"Should have had One Direction play the Lost Boys and the Backstreet Boys as the pirates. I should be a casting agent." - Mom. #PeterPanLive
If Marvel gets the rights to Spider-Man, really hoping they make a Miles Morales movie with Peter Parker as a mentor. #MCU
My biggest question about the #SonyHack... Who the hell emails each other like that?
Production diary. It's where I'll talk shit or discuss some pretentious nonsense about my "process."
Kind of wondering if anyone on this bus can tell I'm listening to the Pokémon theme song. Kind of unashamed at the same time.
Every show but one in #GoldenGlobes category for comedy/musical has female show runners! RT that shit!
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Always happy to see @girlsHBO getting props during award season. Underrated show. Congrats! @lenadunham @campsucks #GoldenGlobes
Congratulations to @MattBomer, @MarkRuffalo, and @MrRPMurphy for well deserved nominations for The Normal Heart. #GoldenGlobes
There is a young man who brought binoculars to class. He is using binoculars in the middle of a lecture. #KU
This girl in front of me on Stumbleupon right in front of our teacher is fearless and does not give a FUCK.
Why does the NBC announcer talk about Late Night with Seth Meyers like it's Mean Girls? "And none for Seth Meyers, bye."
Hey, KS Republicans - not liking LGBT people isn't part of your "moral code." It's prejudice. Ugly, ugly prejudice. #p2 #topprog
Kansas Republicans are hung up on marriage laws to distract from bigger LGBT issues, like being fired for your sexuality. #p2 #topprog
Kansas Republicans are attempting to pass an anti-LGBT marriage bill under the guise of "religious freedom."… #topprog
I can already tell The Last Five Years is going to ruin me in the best kind of way. You deserve all the success in the world, @RLaGravenese.
Everything about this @chrisrock essay is brilliant. Every time the man speaks, it's something good.
Yosemite is a great update. Now I can ignore text messages from people on my MacBook too.
I'm not sure what the most offensive part of this is. Jesus would totally be a Marnie. @lenadunham
Me: "I'm going to write a character about you." @ChanningShives: "OH NO. Everyone's going to hate her."
Borrowing a Sony Bloggie from the production studio where I work. Anyone have experience with it? It's cute as hell.
Maybe if the pirates practiced their fighting as much she their dance numbers, they could defeat little boys at sword fights. #PeterPanLive
I think Tink just called Wendy thirsty. #PeterPanLive
Take a shot every time Peter talks about pockets. #PeterPanDrinkingGame #PeterPanLive
In news that surprises absolutely no one, Allison Williams is slaying. #PeterPanLive
UPDATE: PETER NOW HAS A POCKET. Crisis averted. #PeterPanLive
GOD, Peter really wants a pocket. Somebody make the boy a pocket. #PeterPanLive
How many black men have to die at the hands of white cops for it to be about race? #EricGarner #Ferguson
RT & follow @indiewire for chance to win THE TWILIGHT ZONE: THE FIFTH DIMENSION limited edition DVD box set!
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@Snacpack "I'm actually writing this one, not just sitting at home masturbating."
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Happy birthday to me. My first shoulder rig. #VSCO
Thank you to everyone who helped me have the best birthday of my young life so far. Looking forward to many more with you all.
[head bangs to Christmas music]
Finally at the age where I don't receive awkward "Happy Thanksgiving" texts from people I had a class with in 9th grade anymore. #adulthood
What’s the right age to tell your screenplay that it’s adapted
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Just finished catching up with Carmilla - which is a great web series if you haven't already seen it. @Elise3aum knocks it out of the park.
Happy birthday to one of the most talented directors working in television today, @norbuck. It's a privilege to even know you online.
Many people are wearing black tomorrow for Michael Brown. I suggest doing the same to show your support. #Ferguson
Watching something I shot onscreen for the first time feels pretty damn cool.
Today is a heavy day for all film lovers. R.I.P. Mike Nichols. Thank you for your contributions to cinema and TV.
This is everything that's wrong with a heteronormative world. Have some fucking compassion and respect.